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Maggie Gritton  💍Alex James 🌵 Arizona 🎀 Owner @shopcreekside ☀️ Owner @galmeetsglow 🛍 Shop my Outfits & Blog Here👇🏻

Every time I wear this tee I get Lucky by Britney Spears stuck in my head all day!🍀 “She’s so lucky, she’s a star”🎶💫 That song was my 9 year old selfs jam! // I’ve linked this cute & comfy tee in my link tree in bio! Or you can shop over at @shopcreekside !

“You’re mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers or your can grow weeds.”🌷I heard that quote the other day & loved it! I challenge you to pull some weeds from your mind today & replace them with flowering thoughts! 🌸 // I’ve linked my $23 Motto Jeggings that I LOVE & pair with almost any top as well as my cute hair bow that comes in a 10 pack for $8! Link to shop is in my bio! 👍🏻

I’ve really been getting into earrings lately! If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know that I just got my ears pierced about a year ago at the great age of 24 🙈 (Ok fine I had them pierced in high school but ripped one side on a volleyball net & never wore them again until my holes closed 😭) Anyways, where is the best place to get cute unique earings?! 🛍

I love starting off the week with a fresh clean house!✨🏠 My mom used to have to beg me to clean my room & make my bed as a kid but now I’m literally addicted to making my bed! It’s my favorite thing to do in the morning 😂 I probably need a hobby or more friends.. 🤦🏼‍♀️

It’s Sunday Funday! ☀️ Was out & about earlier with my babe 💗 and now we’re settling in to eat 🌮 and watch some Netflix! // I got a bunch of questions about this skirt when I wore it on my stories a few days ago. My exact skirt is sold out but I’ve linked a very similar one that’s only $20! Link is in bio! 👍🏻 My top is coming soon to @shopcreekside !

Can you believe this azalea plant that I got from Fry’s?! 🌸😍 I’ve had it for a few weeks & water it once a day & it’s still alive! 👏🏻 So proud! Also, you can see the middle stages of our kitchen re-design in the background! I don’t like calling it a renovation because it wasn’t out of date to begin with. BUT I can’t wait to see my vision come together! ✨

I’ve got Hawaii on the brain 🌺 3 weeks till our vacay! 🌴 Any & all recommendations for Maui are so welcome!🐬 Has anyone done a helicopter ride to Hana?! We already know there’s no way we can make that drive! || Also, I’ve linked my white ruffled one-piece on my #linktree in bio for those looking for a cute swimmer! 👙

✨Keep me where the light is✨ I have found the perfect high-rise, cut off denim shorts for summer! They look high-end but are only $19.99! 😱 You can shop them through my linktree in my bio! 👍🏻

☀️ Here Comes The Sun ☀️ Today’s high is 97! 😱 Bring on the good times & tan lines! 👙

Monday morning getting motivated for the week ahead! ☕️ Today’s duties include grocery shopping, laundry, some editing & shipping out weekend orders for @shopcreekside! Lets do this! 💪🏼 I wanna know what’s on all of your to-do lists today? 📋

It’s all in the details 🎀 My velvet obsession continues with this little pink cutie! Tie front waffle top coming to @shopcreekside soon! 💗

Putting away all the bunnies & golden eggs today. 🐰 Time to switch thing out for spring decor! 🌸

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