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Maggie Mitchell  Involuntarily tall | Nashville Tour Manager Twitter: @heyitsmargar snapchat: mar.gar

Happy for sweet nights like these.
Photo cred: @bennettboylen
#beautiful #christmas #family

How many people can say that they have a best friend that's a unicorn? Well I can and it's that unicorn's birthday. She's one of the deepest loving, most selfless, funniest, and realest women that I know. A rare breed, that one, and it's a life to celebrate. So here's to you, Neil... a photo to remember when we were roomies and young- none of which we are anymore. You're welcome.

I think we could all take some lessons in confidence from this little babe. @bennettboylen
#sopretty #socute #baby

Last night was a special night for all of us at the Ark, but especially for @markallanfalk ... what other way is there to spend your 19th birthday than in Michigan and have @johnboymusic and 300 other people sing to you?
#happybirthday #johnpaulwhite #theark

Started out the afternoon right with an Acoustic Cafe session at Big Sky Recording
#bigskyrecordingstudio #acafe #annarbor

#happiness ... Find yours.

EYE have room for squares, too.
Shout out to @kc_jones_87 for discovering square pupils in Saint Paul.
#cateyes #butsquare

Madison, you were almost as cool as this thing.

St. Paul, you guys really set the bar high tonight. How about we just keep this going... #johnpaulwhite #jpw #beulah #stpaul #livemusic

Today I saw a console so big that I can't even fit the whole thing into this photo. What was it you ask? Oh, it's just a custom 56-input Neve console. Still not cool enough? It's from The Magic Shop in New York. Need more? Bowie's last record was recorded on this and all of the other gear that is now in this massive beautiful wooden barn studio.
#bowie #neve #studio

Glad to have @kerncountry back on the road with us. They had lights and music in Chicago last night too.

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