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“What have you been up to?” .
“Oh, just redesigning my DNA. Freeing myself of ancestral trauma. Mastering my soul lessons. You know, just cultivating space for the abundance flow that I am. Giving thanks for it all.” - Anonymous

An unforgettable experience!
Copahue, a geothermically active volcano in the border between Argentina and Chile🌋. The town has nine thermal baths, this grey bubbling mud pool in particular with temperatures over 90C. Nowadays this town has one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Argentina🇦🇷!

Strive for balance 🐬

I understand why we get stuck sometimes. Hearts are stubborn. They sink their hooks into bad habits that look like people and dreams. But look at how much we give of ourselves. Our most precious gifts handed over to another who may, or may not, value them as much as we do. Have you ever heard someone fall asleep? Or watched someone break down? There’s so few people in this world that you can share breakfast at midnight with, or that can completely forgive you. The people that get you to believe it’s actually all worth it, and don’t flinch when you look them in the eyes, never waver, and make a bed more comfortable. So when you find them, you, in a way, find yourself. And when you lose them, you, in a way, lose yourself. But know this: you will always be too much for anyone not enough. Somewhere out there is someone who’ll bring pieces of you home. And you’ll realise that losing everything is the only way to figure out what’s worth finding. -J. Raymond

Somewhere between what she survived, and who she was becoming, was exactly where she was meant to be. She was starting to love the journey. And find the comfort in the quiet corners of her wildest dreams. They say people don’t change... Well, she wasn’t always this way. Even if she didn’t change the entire world, she would change her part of it. And she would affect the people she share it with. A butterfly whose wings have been touched, can indeed still fly. Whether something was meant to be, or meant to leave, didn’t matter as much anymore. She would soak up the sun, kiss the breeze, and she would fly regardless. -J.Raymond

There’s this fiend in me, and it loves too much. I think that it may be either too weak, or too crazy to know any better. I don’t trust it. I don’t want for this world most days, but still, it drags me by tongue roots, and makes me say things. Things I know but don’t feel. Not nearly enough of, at least. I say it must be too weak, because the world tells me to learn how to smile in isolation, how to laugh on islands, and love myself first. But I know, I know what’s here for me, and while I push everyone away, I only wait to see who will return. I only wait to see who will stay. It’s not so easy, for those with too much feeling. Everything touches us. The blessing is the curse. The light and darkness, the same. The things killing us, bringing us back to life. Forgive me for saying what you needed to hear. Forgive me for being starved for everything you can’t give me. My fiend thinks only of himself and takes without asking. You are much stronger than us, and my fault will always be loving the wrong things too much, and the right things now enough. -J. Raymond

Whispers in the wind 🕊

Pure magic ✨

I’m telling you, she doesn’t belong. Not to one person, not to one place, not to one set of ideas. Her mind changed her heart, which changed her mind, and she was nothing, if not completely free. Maybe we’re just afraid of anyone who is constantly searching. And anything that didn’t clip her wings, or make her feel caged, was exactly where she was meant to be. You’ve got to respect things that aren’t afraid of going off path. She would always be the type to lose herself, trying to find her own ways. I suppose the river doesn’t compete with the earth. It carves it’s own path anyway. It doesn’t brag, or boast, or beat its chest. It just flows. And the moon doesn’t try to outshine the starts. It just glows. The flowers, amidst the trees, that radiate and create life - even all that, only grows. She wasn’t free because she knew where she was going, she was free because she didn’t need to know. -J.Raymond

In case nobody has said this to you recently, or ever, I hope you’re proud of yourself. They say too much pride will kill you. Maybe. But too little of it is just as true. We get caught up, and keep the right words tied down too tightly. Listen to me; if you’re doing the best you can with what you have, and you’re evolving, you’re fighting, and still full of fire and feeling, well, be proud of that. You could have turned back a long time ago. But you didn’t. Nobody will ever understand your path. The rough roads and weather were yours to travel through, and you likely traveled them alone. You deserve people in your life who not only want to see you rise, but want to rise alongside you. You’re hard enough on yourself, please don’t extend a hand to someone who takes it, only to hold you down. Your sins are paid for, lessons learned, scars adorned, and you’re free to fall again. It’s the broken hearted that piece themselves together. That’s the kind of strength you should be proud of, in case nobody has said that to you recently. Or ever. - j.raymond

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