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MAGFest  We're MAGFest, an organization dedicated to the appreciation of games and video game music. We hold multiple events throughout the year.


This Wednesday’s music announcement features our final nerdcore performer, an act with more bass than they know what to do with, and a wild combo of a supergroup the likes of which even *we* can hardly believe! Not too shabby of a Wednesday if you ask me.

The tenth #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is.... Cyberpunk nerdcore progenitor #YTCracker, purveyors of Extra Thicc Riffs #TheMountainChiefs, *AND* VGM & chiptune experience of a lifetime #RetroActiveLive!

Learn more here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-10/

Today's music announcement is going to be metal af. \m/

On that note, let's waste no time getting to the brutality.

The ninth #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is.... 8-bit dance-metal party master #Rainbowdragoneyes, chip prog guitar solo-palooza trio #DrZilog, AND absolute masters of VGMetal #PowerGlove!

More info on these metal masters here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-9/

It's around that time where the brakes on our music announcement hype train begin to show their complete and total lack of maintenance.


Rolling along with wild abandon, the eighth #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is.... West Coast's Finest #Shubzilla x #BillBeats AND Rainbow Rolling Rockers #LONELYROLLINGSTARS!

Full info here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-8/

Continuing October's twice a week music announcement schedule, today we're featuring a collection of brand new faces to MAG as well as a returning act featuring some special guests! Also, holy wow, today's band names pair excellently. Would make a pretty solid D&D combo.

At any rate, the seventh #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is.... Medieval party metal maniacs #MagicHammer AND the Pink Floyd of chip + VGM #MarshallArt!

Full artist intros & bios here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-7/

The next two musical acts are from completely different lands. One hails from Canada, and the other from Hyrule. Either way, we hope they're both using fast travel to get here!

The sixth #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is.... Ottawa's highly experienced nerd rockers #DoubleExperience AND Princess Zelda's favorite VGMetal band #MasterSword!

More deets on both acts here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-6/

It's now October, the month of spooptasticness! On a completely unrelated note (or is it...?), how about we kick the Super MAG 2018 music announcement machine into OVERDRIVE?!? For the next few weeks we'll be making new music announcements not once, but *twice* a week (Mondays & Wednesdays)! And to start it off with a bangola, we're going to announce not two, but *three* performers today!

And with that said, the fifth #SuperMAGFest2018 music announcement is.... VGM starship fighter pilots #VicViper, 80's retrowave gloriousness #DeloreanOverdrive, *AND* the Motley Crue of Geek Rock #SciFried!

More info here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-5/

For the final September Music Wednesday announcement, we've a couple of extraordinary solo performers to share with you! Both are capable of owning the stage with as much passion, fury, and talent as the largest of multi-performer acts.

Without further ado, the fourth #SuperMAGFest2018 music announcement is.... Solo acoustic badass #AmandaLepre AND space warrior rhyme machine #Sammus!

Full info here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-4/

No donuts in today's music announcement. Just a couple of acoustic guitar dudes & some cowabunga pizza rock. 🎸🍕 In the event that didn't tip you off to who we're announcing today, the third #SuperMAG2018 music announcement is... Everyone's favorite #VGM bard duo #SuperGuitarBros! *AND* (this may not be news to some of you lol)
Masters of the musical #pizza party #CowabungaPizzaTime!

Full info here: http://super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-3/

FYI, last Wednesday's music announcement was the only one for #SuperMAG2018. We're spending the rest of this event's music budget on donuts from around the entire world. Mmm international donut delights.... J/K TIME FOR SUPER MAG 2018 MUSIC ANNOUNCEMENT #2!

Which is.... The Baltimore Beauties aka #RareCandy! *AND*

The #WashingtonMetropolitanGamerSymphonyOrchestra!

Full info here: super.magfest.org/announcement/super-mag-2018-music-announcement-2/

YO! Time to start up this Music Wednesday nonsense for #SuperMAG2018 already! Y'all ready for this? Probably not, but here we go anyway.

The first Super MAGFest 2018 music announcement is.... #VGM Supergroup #VikingGuitarLive! *AND*

#Nerdcore Legend #MCLars!


P.S. No, #KingDonut is not performing. Sorry for any potential confusion. 🍩

It's that time again! Sunny the very nice kitty says that you should reserve your MAGFest 2018 badge to get first dibs on hotel rooms and save some cash to spend in the marketplace (or on cat treats). Visit magfest.org for more info. Meow!

Come on down and check us out at the Smithsonian American Art Museum!


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