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TruPRP  Magellan technology provides an automated dual spin processing system that can deliver PRP Platelet Rich Plasma as well as PPP Platelet Poor Plasma

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#imanicare 🤔Procedures: Vampire Facial®
🌡How it works: Facial rejuvenation procedure of regenerative healing process using blood-derived growth factors, taken from the patient’s blood.
• Stimulates collagen production
• Removes the wrinkles
• Skin becomes tighter
• Youthful appearance
• Restoration of facial shape
• Growing out new and younger tissue
• Improvement in skin texture and tone
• Makes your skin soft
• Removes scar marks and spots
• Removes sagging skin
• Fights with the factors of ageing
• Improvement in the blood flow
• Non-surgical intervention
• Using the patient’s own platelet rich plasma
• No medications
• No side effects
🔜Recovery: Immediate to all daily activities
👌🏽Pain level: Minimal
💉Method: The treatment uses 60ml of your blood. The sample is then placed in the latest technology (The Magellan® Autologous Concentration System), which optimally concentrates the platelets from blood

Every one out of two men suffers from erectile dysfunction at one point in his life - Improve your sexual performance - For men only! 🧐Procedure: Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®)
• Returns the nocturnal penile tumescence • Increases endurance during sexual intercourse
• Increases the sensation and pleasure during sexual intercourse (helps to correct the damage of diabetes)
• More durable and long-lasting erection
• Strengthens and straightens for a healthier organ
• Stimulates collagen production
• Youthful appearance
• Improvement in skin texture and tone
• Removes sagging skin
• Fights with the factors of ageing
🤔How it works: Тhe biological approach of regenerating tissues using the patient’s own platelet-derived growth factors. When injected into the vagina, they stimulate cells to increase blood flow and restore tissues, improving the natural moisture and increases the vaginal orgasm.
👀Safety: • Using the patient’s own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
• No medications
• No side effects
• Non-surgical intervention
🔛Recovery: Immediate to all daily activities
💥Pain level: Minimal
💉Technique: The treatment uses a small amount of your blood (60ml). The sample is then placed in the latest technology (The Magellan® Autologous Concentration System), which divides the blood cells and extracts the Platelet - Rich Plasma.
💢Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic cream
⏰Duration: 30 minutes
⚠️Contraindications: Blood infection
✨Specialist in Regenerative Medicine doctor Dzihan Abazovic #imanicare

Dr. Shawket AlKhayal presenting his clinical research for Corporeal Rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in the “World meeting on sexual medicine conference” in Lisbon, Portugal!

Imani Holistic Medical Centre proudly announces Dr.Dzihan Abazovic ACCMA training course that will take place on the 25-26th of February. For the first time in Bulgaria our specialist in Regenerative Medicine will teach how to perform the most famous aesthetic procedures: • Vampire FaceLift®
• Vampire Facial®
• Vampire Breast Lift®
• Orgasm Shot®
• Priapus Shot® +359 887 88 12 12

AME KSA during Saudi Derm 2018

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Ne-am întors din vacanță în forță! Astăzi, în #CronosMed, @dr.stanconstantin şi #DrOlgaMelnic participă la training-ul #MagellanTruPRP, centrifuga revoluționară pentru procedurile de rejuvenare cu PRP. În exclusivitate, pacienții vor beneficia de un upgrade la procedurile clasice cu PRP. #nopain just #gain!
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Доктор Джихан Абазович, специалист в областта на Регенеративната Медицина, представя дългогодишния си успех в лечението на спортни и гръбначни травми, дегенеративни ставни заболявания, дискова херния, мускулни увреждания и остеоартрит. Извършва и подмладяващи “вампирски” процедури. Леченията са неинвазивни (без хигургична намеса)!
Doctor Dzihan Abazovic introduces his longterm experience as a specialist in the area of Regenerative Medicine. He successfully treats sport and spine injuries, degenerative joint diseases, spinal disk herniation, muscle injuries and osteoarthritis. As well as performing aesthetic "vampire" rejuvenation procedures. The treatments are noninvasive (non surgical interventions)! @magellan_truprp
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IMCAS 2018 Paris, France. “How and why performing PRP Quality Control: experience in daily practice” by Dr. Dzihan Abazovic! #prp #prpinjection #prptreatmentvampirefacial #prphairrestoration #prpfacial #plateletrichplasma

@dr.mehmetfarukyavuz presenting his experience and achievement at #acell with #prp treatment for #hairloss #wcam2017

Proud to announce that Global Biyomedikal Sağlık Hizmetleri is exhibiting during the 21st World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Istanbul, Turkey! Visit their booth.

Dr. Dzihan Abazovic performing a Hair Loss treatment with derma roller and PRP! Expecting the first results to be seen at 4-6 weeks after the treatment! #magellan_truprp #renovaclinic #prp #hairloss #medicaltourism

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