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I love this dress after all the challenges the fabric presented. And I just found out the colour was my maternal grandmothers favourite so it feels even more special now. I think she would have loved it. More details on the blog. Happy Sunday gorgeous people. Pips 🥀... -Photo's by Bruce in Geelong City Central
- Fabric purchased from @thedrapery -Pattern size M in with no adjustments made Vogue 9253 - Vintage habedashery including motif and velvet ribbon purchased from @lilypondgeelong - Tights purchased from @wolford
- Shoes purchased from @scarletjonesmelbourne - Cuff bracelet purchased from @jeanjeanvintage - Hair by Rebecca at @neellovescurls - Vintage Coach handbag by @deargolden

#thegirlinateacup #V9253 #voguepatterns #sustainablefashion #travelwardrobe #rayonfabric #streetart

Nothing like an early wake up to get ready for the day... I really could have done with an extra hour or two of 😴. But playing dress ups in a new Berlin outfit has taken off the edge. Front skirt panel made at @soulcraftfestival with Leslie from @fibresmith @mazeandvale incorporated into self drafted Aline skirt. The majority is linen scraps and Leslies screen printed panels with some 1910 hand made lace as well. Feeling a little chic! #thegirlinateacup #thegirlinthebathtub #alineskirt #linen #antiquelace #sustainablefashion #madebyhands #travelwardrobe #

This dress was almost my undoing. Not to be overly dramatic but I’ve sewn silk satin cut on the bias with less melodrama than this rayon. Admittedly sewing at 4am was not my best decision and resulted in the front skirt panels being sewn inversely leading to the most unpicking I’ve ever partaken in. But it’s done and ready for Berlin. And it was worth the emotional turmoil of making. See the detail of my modesty feature that I purchased from @lilypondgeelong today along with vintage velvet ribbon and DMC thread for the belt chain loop. Their vintage haberdashery will have you swooning.
Now for a less overwhelming experience with a Coco top for my international flight wear.... - pattern is Vogue 9253
- fabric is a rayon from the stash - haberdashery supplies from @lilypondgeelong - sanity remains my own. Just. #thegirlinateacup #V9253 #madebyhands #sewing #imakemyownclothes #sustainablefashion #ohthepainohthejoy #voguepatterns #travelwardrobe

It’s a rare day I’m not wearing mostly me made, but today it’s just my knickers 😉. Enjoying my new Melbourne made skirt from @scarletjonesmelbourne with Italian handmade shoes. #thegirlinateacup #memadeknickers #scarletjones #gingham #bustlebutt

This weeks prompt for sewingagogo is “town”. I’m so excited to be visiting new to me towns on the other side of the world with my handmade wardrobe and these divine shoes from @scarletjonesmelbourne (scroll for shoe pics). This shirt is made from vintage Liberty gifted to me and will most likely be worn when I finally visit THE Liberty of London. Someone hold my credit card! #thegirlinateacup #sewingagogo #sewaholic #granvilleshirt #vintageliberty #libertyfabric #aprondress #theassemblylineshop #theassemblyline #thegirlinthebathtub

Playing around with outfits for Berlin /Paris/Birmingham and I think that all there’s left to make is a pair of black linen culottes, a dinner dress with plunging neckline and a few more pairs of knickers. Is it wrong to envy your own wardrobe? Countdown is officially 5 weeks! #thegirlinateacup #pipsinparis #pipsinberlin #pipsinbirmingham #sewing #holidaywardrobe #madebyhands

Perfect box pleats as guided by @theassemblylineshop for their 3 pleat skirt. I’ve taken some progress pics and included the instructions from their pattern book (my fabric is misbehaving a little... looks less crinkly ITL). You’ll have to trust me that all the pleats are straight. Photography was challenging last night. The hem and shaped waist band is bound with fabric for the matching Gyp top to go with. Definitely a Paris outfit! 5 weeks to go. @thedrapery @theassemblylineshop @merchantandmills #thegirlinateacup #threepleatskirt #perfectpleats #pariswardrobe #pipsinparis #pipsinberlin

As I’ve been resting in hospital, my Liberty Affinity Earl Grey Tea quilt is quietly coming together. Making the hexies themselves was a much slower process than actually stitching them together so I’m pleased with how far I’ve come. Included are Liberty fabrics from a wedding dress, a friends mothers 40 year old stash and precious pieces gifted to me from all across the globe. All things bring equal I will be discharged from hospital tomorrow and back to rebuilding for Berlin. In the meantime I will admire my work and let my hands rest 🖤🥀🖤 #thegirlinateacup #libertyaffinityearlgreytea #madebyhands #englishpaperpiecing #hexies #hexiequilt #libertyfabric #libertyaddict #globalfriendship #484hexiesandcounting #chronicallysewn

@sewpositivity I think we could do great things with this! #STOFFSTILcompetition @stoffstil

I’m joining in the photo challenge of Sewingagogo overseen by @hportemanteau and @sarahcsewing This weeks prompt is “makes me happy”. So I’ve traveled through the archives and found one of my favourite dresses (and possibly first blogged...). It is the Anna dress by @byhandlondon which I made to wear to see the Nine Inch Nails. The whole outfit was planned around the fabric and I certainly stood out in a crowd of black jeans and tshirts. Hoping they will tour Australia again so I can goth up a little. #thegirlinateacup #sewingagogo #nineinchnails #nin #annadress #so2014 #sewing #madebyhand #goth #princessgoth

I feel as if I need to share this so that others on the fringes know they are not alone. I went to a GP (not my normal one) to seek help with my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which was escalating . He criticised my medical regime which is overseen by my specialist and told me no one should be on that level of medication (my specialist has been treating me for 5 years. I think he kind of knows what’s best). He did not ask about my mental health, whether or not I felt safe or if I was experiencing distress. He did not offer any support, he did not advise me what to do if things worsened, and he minimised my experience by saying that the way I felt then would not stop me from my overseas travel in 6 weeks. There is no way I could get in a plane the way I was feeling. 2 hours sleep a night, night terrors and a feeling of disconnection. I was desperate for help, and instead was given a lecture on how things weren’t that bad and sent on my way. Luckily I didn’t take his advice and sought support from the hospital.
Today I’m in said hospital being looked after by numerous wonderful people who are supporting me and doing everything they can to get my sleep in order so I can travel to Berlin soon. I’ve been shown kindness and empathy and have been given strategies to overcome this hiccup. I’ve been listened to and staff have gone out of their way to help me settle in and even start putting together my Liberty Infinity Earl Grey Tea quilt by lending me scissors. A small but kind gesture.
Mental health is just as important as physical health and needs to be treated as such by heath professionals.
If you feel as though someone hasn’t taken you seriously or has brushed you and your symptoms off, don’t stop there. Find someone else. Please. Because your head and heart are as important as your bones and flesh. Pips 🌸💗🌸

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