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Kerri Patrick  Hi, I'm Kerri. Photography, sewing, the great outdoors, poetry, dark humor, cats.

Nothing to post. So here's Jim Norton in drag. I think he looks FABULOUS. #comedy #standup #nortonsbestlook #hotladyman

I remember clearly
The vacancy behind your eyes
This lack of something necessary
This presence of something else.

You are just what you said
You are dead.
Not a trace of you left in there.
You've given your demons possession
Permission, without restriction.
All access fucking VIP passes.

When you held me down
Your demons screaming in my face,
I realized that they wanted me, too.
And they wouldn't stop at blood to have me.

But your demons will starve here
For my soul is deeper than blood
It cannot be found within the confines of my veins
I've seen to it that it is safely tucked away.
Behind barracks and my three-headed dog Cerberus.

I chose to escape.
I gave your demons mercy.
And I'm still not sure why I didn't have them ripped to shreds.
#poetry #iamstrong #notalways #cerberus #pastmakesthepresent #thankyouforyourdisrespect

💓You are that forbidden fruit
You are not mine, nor will you ever be.
You are yours, eternally.

I still hopelessly long to ingest you
Mind, body, and Spirit.
I want to gorge myself on your flesh,
Intoxicate myself with your ideas,
Explore your greatest and darkest depths.

But the very taste of you
is condemnation.
I hope
Despite this pathetic declaration
That you can feel
My powerful silent adoration.💓 #poetry #poem #lovepoem #silentadoration #iloveyoudearly #letmeeatyou #maybeimjusthungry

All of the suffering in the world
Some people hide from it
Some people can't even feel it
But I embrace it.
I feel it and submerge myself in it.
And there is a bountiful amount
All around me
And not around me
Suffering is the most popular feeling.
Isn't it?

To feel the pain of someone who
Has just lost their child
Their lover, their mother.
Those things are important
To hide from them is cowardice
To not feel them is weakness
And all the same
To obsess over them
Is a suffering in and of itself
Isn't it?
#drunkwriting #poetry #freeverse #suffering #alllifeissuffering #buddhistprinciples #zen

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