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I mean, you tell me. Stinker, yes? 😆😬 #gentrytales

Merry Christmas, friends and family!
I gave myself a little bit of grace this year and we didn’t take family photos sooo no Christmas cards went out.
So here we have it. Our selfie-style, social media delivered Christmas card. Everybody looking in a different direction, but yet, looking AT the camera. Marker on Everett’s cheeks from falling asleep in the car yesterday mid-coloring session.
Imperfect, but happy. So, so happy! 🌲

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! My girls are too excited to nap because we are going to have Christmas at my parents’ house soon. Oh the anticipation!
I’m loving the excitement and hearing Everett point out Mary and Joseph amongst lots of decorations this holiday season has been really special. Gentry’s totally tried to sneak unwrap a gift or two. We haven’t put decorations up on our big Charlie Brown Christmas tree because our cats have also waged war on it, but it’s been a really wonderful December of stepping back to absorb all of this.
We went to my sister, @ashleyz91’s, church this morning and the kids were welcome in the “big service.” My girls danced along to the music, clapped their hands at a few heartwarming moments, and wiggled just about everywhere they could.
It’s a fun, fun season and I am so grateful for it all. I love watching them and seeing them grow. They’re growing me and changing my heart everyday to celebrate life a little more, too.
I’m disconnecting again because we’re about to begin making more food and my family loves to play game after game after game. 🤗 When my Dad sits down for that, nobody walks away from the table and our competitive sides come out. May the best Zimmerhanzel win! 👊🏼💪🏼

Every day I pray for these two to be best friends. I pray for their bond to be unbreakable, for their friendship to be so deep and undeniable. As I see that unfold and Everett’s gentle spirit guide her little sister, it just makes me so incredibly happy. Sibling relationships can be so unpredictable. I grew up refereeing my younger two siblings and broke apart the fights they were constantly picking with one another. While that may come, I will just continue to pray that E and G are rooted in friendship and love and that the fights are few and far between.
There’s so much about this photo that’s imperfect from a photography standpoint - cluttered background, off-center, I cut off Gentry’s hand in the frame, etc...but the essence that’s captured means more. Their little snickers and plotting grins. Their small fists clutching candy canes at 7:30 AM that they broke into the pantry to find and were begging to have. 😳 The way they were so excited to share a chair and Gentry patted the seat beside her, scooted over, and said, “Sit here, Ev-ett!” The matching pajamas my mom made them and how excited they are to match each other. 😍
Perfection is overrated.

The days are FLYING BY right now and I’m just trying to hold onto them as much as possible. Everett’s silly, mischievous smiles, and Gentry’s watchful demeanor that soaks in everything her big sister does and then follows in her footsteps. 👣
#raisingdaughters #sisters #girlmom #everettchronicles #gentrytales

A photo from the other day when it wasn’t 46° when we woke up, but she looked like a big kid. Love this silly smile she’s got and that she’s happy to stand here and let her momma take a photo for me to look back on when I’m wanting to slow down time. 😢 #gentrytales

Date night ready 💁🏻 .
#lipsense #lipsenseflygirl #rayban

Soaking up some really good moments with these two lately. I've noticed that the franticness has started to fade away when it's time to make dinner - I'm not holding a child on my hip crying for food while I cook every meal. There are moments of good silence where they're happily playing - Gentry usually coloring at the table and Everett pretending, singing, or protectively taking care of our two new cats, Maple and Pecan.
It's weird how the independence has suddenly crept in. And even weirder is how it makes me feel when I really stop to think about it. 😭
Everett held Gentry's hand and led her to class at church yesterday. When we got there, she squared down, hugged Gentry, and said "I love you." Even better was that Gentry said it back to her. 💞 Everett told me recently that she wants to be a mommy when she grows up. The conversation went something like this:
E: I want to be a mommy when I get bigger.
Me: Oh, Ev, you'll be a great mommy one day!
E: I want to have lots of babies, Momma.
Me: Well, you have a big ol' heart and are so kind and would be a great mommy to however many you have!
E: I have a baby in my belly now.
Me: Mhmmm. 🤔😳
And later last night she asked me how our voices made sound so we got into a big discussion about vocal chords. If you need us, we'll be reading lots of books about the body and discussing anatomy. 😳😅
#everettchronicles #gentrytales #acolorstory

Documenting the rare occasion she chose to wear a headband 🙌🏼😍 #gentrytales #acolorstory #👶🏼

It's like all of a sudden, they're *choosing* to be buddies. I'm sure there will come a day where 💥 they're enemies, but just refer me back to here when that happens. 😫 #gentrytales #everettchronicles

Happy Labor Day! Today we visited my parents and tried to soak up the last bit of "summer" - and it felt pretty nice to disconnect.
I've been feeling so heavy and guilty after #hurricaneharvey; so many have lost so much, if not all, and I don't think I've hit the point where I feel like I've done, helped, given all that we can. This will need to be a continual effort to keep giving and doing MORE. It's been exceptionally hard trying to explain this to a 3yo who has seen some of the media coverage and is asking about babies and if they're okay and where people go to the bathroom when they're surrounded by water and if they're going to be okay and she's picking up pennies or change she finds and wants to give it to the people living in all the water. Y'all... 😭
I feel utterly helpless knowing how to put this into terms she can grasp because for hours after bedtime one night this week, her mind kept spinning and the questions kept coming. And so we prayed over and over again.

The #1 reason I'm thankful for washi tape and washable markers 😳🙃 #gentrytales

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