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Jonathan P. Binstock  Memorial Art Gallery Director. Profile photo, John Myers. Courtesy Post magazine, Rochester and artist Edie Small.

This transformed #transam has etched on it the entire text of Revelation of St. John the Divine from the New Testament. Designed for a modern horseman of the apocalypse by #canadianartist #johnscottartist and on view at #theago.

This is what I look like when I’m not working. There is usually fried chicken around, but only occasionally brother #jasonbinn and father #moretonbinn. Why my last name is different from theirs is another question. Suffice it to say I’m the authentic one. 🤓🤔🤫❓

Sir!! Put down that baby! #massacreoftheinnocents #rubens #ago

“Bring on Picasso, bring on Matisse, bring on anybody! I would stand up to them all with a single polka dot.” #Selfie? Couldn’t help myself. #kusama #infiniteforever #infinitekusama

Outrageously powerful sculptures and installation by #arthurjaffa known as #aj @gavinbrownsenterprise. These are #readymades, wheels with chains found on and taken directly from coal mining machinery, with cast hubcaps that reference the abject violence of slavery added by the artist. Monster trucks fascinate Jaffa, who is from #thesouth. Question: what does it mean for the wheels of coal mining vehicles to be admired as art, as sculpture in NYC?

#loudcow is a barn for art in #spencerport. Only a few shows a year. Cool people doing cool things. I enjoyed seeing friends and living an art moment west of #roctheart. Thank you @delehantyfamilyman and congratulations @melissahuangart @lilydeletoile @attheyards @polititsartcoalition

Don’t let the bastards grind you down! Read! @greenapplebooks #greenapplebooks #sanfrancisco.

Really enjoyed my visit to @axom_gallery and new show of @kurt_ketchum who wields an impressive command of a street, graffiti, design aesthetic and crosses all kinds of thresholds, from the functional to the inapplicable, from coherence to scatter, from the wall to the floor, from the abstract to the graphic, and on. @housedigital thanks for the Ketchum tip. Btw @axom_objects is one of #roctheart great treasures and treats.

“Do woo wuv me?” says this confederate of MAG curator @jessicapmarten , or is he Jess’ #stooge? #strawman? #hatchetman ? I’m confused....

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