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The fun part about owning a house is that every once in a while I get to completely destroy my sewing room so Brandon can unclog the main drain line. Good times.

It's kind of like being inside a gumball.

We definitely did not go with light pink.

Negotiating paint colors with the 6 year old. I want the pale colors but she wants to go full fuschia.

Doing a sample board to figure out colors for my faux grasscloth paint treatment in the kitchen and dining room. It's definitely not any of the top row. #repaint #renovation #fauxfinish

My 6yo is playing Sim City 4. She is a terrible city planner; here's her collection of water treatment plants.

Imperial by W Dalton in tangerine for eight. (The glasses are separate.) One or two minor defects but for $20 nothing I'll complain about.

What happens when my daughter gets bored in the bathroom.

Pretty sure my living room needs this.

Visiting the farm today

He was sleeping on my phone, and I got this face when I took it from him.

Someone isn't a morning person. I feel her pain.

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