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He was sleeping on my phone, and I got this face when I took it from him.

Someone isn't a morning person. I feel her pain.

Beginning hour two at the doctor's office. Yay for germ season.

Cupcake Wars: the one thing both boys agree on.

What to do when you're waiting on a part for the pool vacuum and the baby wants to go swimming.

Not the most fun DIY, but I'm sure I'll appreciate it more in the winter.

Yaya's tae kwan do class is at the mostly dead mall, so Baby Girl and Mr. Man take advantage of the space.

Being naughty, sitting on the baby's couch.

Entertaining the baby while Mr. Man is in his therapy session.

This year's teacher gift: candy, ornament, and gift card. Keeping it simple.

Baby Girl got a tablet for an early Christmas present. She's learning to play the drums.


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