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Maezy & The Cats  Oriental Shorthairs 🔺Freya - the spotted princess 🔺Lila & Jorgie - the panthers 🔺Indie - the naughty tortie Siamese 🔺Piper - my first girl [RIP]

Part 2: how to make a bed with cats.

Part 1: how to make a bed with cats.

Vampire or cat?

Say cheese! At least one of the girls bothered

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful babies 🎉😻 you were so adorable as kittens and still adorable now.

Is it time to get up yet? #christmasholidays

I get to go home for the holidays today and see these beautiful ladies! 😻

Why do all my cats looks so unamused about Christmas? I'm determined to get a happy festive photo...

I hate Christmas photos 😾

Ok... I've totally had enough now.

As if butter wouldn't melt. I should stop calling her Princess Freya, it's obviously gone to her head...

Now Jorgie, you're just showing off for your IG followers

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