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TBH IM READY FOR FREEZING TEMPERATURES WITH OUR FAMILIES!! Ready to hear them honkers come in over the pine trees, those whistles from the pins, see those woodies coming right in the hole after Daulton and Wade calling, hear that deer blow, follow blood trails, hear that bow string, hear @daulton_mc and @_bw88 yell back at Millie and Steel, and enjoy those good ole dirties with my favorite boys and girls... I WANNA KILL SOMETHING AND PEE IN THE FREAKING WOODS AGAIN!! #wifeyclub #countrygirl #southernbelle #GA&;LA

When you have no more strength, drive, or spirit there is one person that will never turn their back on you and that is our Lord!! He gives us everything we need when it is needed!! Thank you for showing me his world Wade... I love you Goober!! #marines #wifeyclub #hilife #swellbottle #rodanandfields

Standing at the top of the Pill Box hike wondering where our next adventure will take us... We have a lot ahead of us this year: training, training, more training, deployment, missing our first holidays together, missing our one year, and so much more but for us we look at this as growing point in our relationship. Yes, a hard growing point. I couldn't do life without my husband and the people in my life right now.. I have finally accepted that growing up is hard but makes us stronger day by day! I love everyone of y'all that talk to me and make stronger!! Y'all da bomb for listening to me... haha #marines #wifeyclub #hilife

Marriage is a life long journey and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else in our meundies!! I love you babe!! #wifeyclub #hilife #swellbottle #meundies

Partnering up with Rodan and Fields was the best decision of my life!!! Not only am I sitting on the beach aka in Hawaii, but I'm working and testing the products out to see if they can stand up conditions that I live in!! They never disappoint!! Wanna be apart of the team?! Just ask me!! #onfridayswedrinkred #rodanandfields #swellbottle

A little video I put together of our diving trip on the 4th... there will be more to come!! @_bw88 #hilife #wifeyclub #marines #rodanandfields

What did you do the 4th? We went diving to see the world under the sea!! #marines #wifeyclub #hilife #rodanandfields

Man Crush Everyday!! I love you so much honey... #hilife #wifeyclub #marines #rodanandfields

I love knowing more and more women are becoming more confident with no make up.. It took me years to be confident, but now I'm even more confident with Rodan + Fields. Yes, I still have things about my skin I want to change and it will with R+F!! Just wait and see!! #wifeyclub #hilife #rodanandfields #swellbottle

Hey you yeah you lol I love you Benjamin Wade Williford!! Just in case you forgot 😂😂 just going through some pictures and decided to share of them!! We need more pictures btw 😘😘 #wivesclub #hilife #marines #rodanandfields

Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media!! Do y'all see this man? I see him... I see him and love him with every bone in my body!! I'm such a blessed woman to call this man my husband. I honestly have no idea what I would do without him. He has taught me so much about myself. I love you babe and I wish everyone in the world could find LOVE like we have!! God works in amazing ways and very short periods of times (six days)!! Haha I love you Goober!! #marines #hilife #wivesclub

Making a big life change is scary, but do you know what is even scarier? REGRET.... Listen to your heart!! #wivesclub #hilife #marines

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