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Maeve Madden  📚 Best Selling Author Beat Your Bloat . 📍LONDON . PT Protein World Pro


Grab a bosu and a barbell for this ab challenge .. I found the first move pretty hard, it burns the buns 🍑.. .

Swipe 👉🏻 for Sweat 💦
1️⃣Raised straight leg crunch x 20 (10 repa each side ) .
2️⃣Raised leg rows x 20
3️⃣Straight leg crunch x 20
4️⃣Crunch & Kick x 20 (10 each leg).
5️⃣ Push ups - failure
Tag your workout partner and save this for your next challenge ...
Love 💕..
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Ready to Rock healthy, strong beautiful hair.. 🙏🏼 MY DIY Nourishing Mask 🥥

2 table spoons @Vitacoco Coconut Oil
1 Egg Yolk.

Add a little honey for shine if you wish.🍯 The @vitacocoeu oils penetrate deeply into the shaft to moisturize and repair dry, damaged strands

The egg works to give hair a dose or protein, and therefore strengthen the hair and encourage hair growth.

1. In a small bowl, mix up @vitacocoeu & egg yolk
2. Apply to dry, brushed, unwashed hair, I find this easier to do in sections as i have thick hair.
3. Massage in slow, circular motions, making sure to saturate every strand from root to tip, & comb through. I use a tangle teaser as they are amazing for avoiding breakage.
4. Tie hair up in a hun bun and leave for at least an hour.
5. To rinse, Apple shampoo directly to the hair before wetting and massage into the head.
6. Rinse and then reapply another shampoo, really lather it up and make sure you scrub well.
7. Apply conditioner to the ends
8. Comb through hair and let dry naturally. I avoid apply heat to my hair unless it is necessary
9. Use every two weeks to repair dry, damaged hair, strengthen, and encourage faster, healthier growth.

Go Loco Laddies with your Coco 🥥. Invest in Your hair, its the crown you never take off.
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OMG i can’t quite believe that was my skin i never thought it would go away but it could be my skin again.. 🤭☝🏻
. I have suffered from acne prone skin most of my life. it has been really good for a few months (thank god) but I am always conscious that I could wake up one morning and be back at the start again. 😩

Most of us who have these terrible breakouts really look after our skin and seek medical / dermatological help. yet your besty could sleep in her makeup, eat all the sugar and use some cheap facial products and have the gloweist spot free skin we could only dream of .. 🤔
life can be pretty unfair 🙄

we don’t all have the same sensitivities as we are all genetically different. My breakouts are due to hormones and stress. My sister probably has had a whole 2 spots in her lifetime.. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do not take for granted that right now my skin is very clear... I have been on a rollercoaster ride with it and it could return.. I stick to a good skin regime using products with little ingredients for sensitive skin. 👍🏻 I always take off my makeup 💃 and only really wear it if I must.. I never wear makeup to the gym of if i’m exercising. 💦

I know that too much sugar causes my skin to become inflamed 🍭and I avoid dairy products all together 🥛. Do not squeeze anything .. That is the worst thing you can do to your face & it can lead to really bad scarring .. ☹️ I love sleeping & I really believe a good nights sleep helps prevent both breakouts & lines 🤗

It is essential that you get diagnosed with the type of acne you have and the underlying conditions to correctly treat it .

if you have beaten your acne please share with us how 🦋. #maevemadden #acne #acnecare #skincare #skincareroutine #hormoneimbalance #pcos #pcosfighter #acnescars #adultacne

BunnY HoPs & Tricep Drops 🌼
Tag Your Workout Bunny 🐰

Ok so The Speed and Agility Ladder isnt my favourite of workouts but its amazing from improving mind body connection and coordination. .
I did end up on my butt quite a few times.. 👑
🐰Up and Down the Ladder Squat Jumps
Walking Tricep Pushups
Knee Highs
Plank Walks
Broad Jump Step Backs
Repeat x 4 ☘️.
wearing @adidaswomen @neuapparel
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I never thought when I grew up I would still call my mother and cry over nasty comments 🤷🏼‍♀️ The last month or so well, it wasn’t easy and I know that many of you have supported me through this. 🤗

I wasn’t going to do a post on this but If i can talk about my heavy flow, trying to put a moon cup in and how my bowels are working I think I can have a quick chat about this too. 👍🏻 Yes i have cried, I am now not ashamed to say it. I wanted to delete all of my social media, I actually didnt want to talk online (only lasted 2 days) or share any posts. I let my anxiety get the better of me. ☹️ Most women between the ages of 18-29 will be harassed online. That is so incredibly sad, ☹️ Online abuse is depressingling common and i have no doubt that many of you reading now are also victims of this too.🤔 I wanna say thank you because although i never said how I felt, or what was going on, i had hundreds of messages from all of you ladies showing your overwhelming support and encouragement 😘Is it surprising that the majority of nastiness came from grown adults, mostly male accounts? 😱

You ladies knew i was upset and most of you knew why so I want to thank you.

I put myself on the front line yes, but the internet is so incredible, It allows us to connect with friends, family, colleagues and strangers no matter where we are in the world, and to share information we might otherwise not have known. .

I want to help women, to make people smile & laugh and learn.. I want to support those who need me .. We have come so far speaking openly about our hormones our ibs our acne, our ups and downs.
We are all UNIQUE, the world needs each and every single one of us, no one can replace you. We are all FLAWSOME, no two people are the same or have the same personality, looks or “ Voice” . You are you, don’t trade your authenticity for approval. 🤗

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Pair this workout with a HIIT session for a good full body blast.
Using 5kg weights you can do this at home or in the gym.. Perform each exercise
20 reps Repeat x 3
Front Squats
Leg Raise Chest Press
Plank Dumbbell Row
Toe touches
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Summer Sweats 🍑

Are you ready to Feel the burn in your booty💦

This High intensity Body Weight Workout will have you seriously sweaty.. 💦

20 reps x 4 sets
Box jumps
Mountain Climbers
Seated Squat Jumps
Single Leg Step Ups
High Toe Taps
Finishing with @proteinworld Vegan Chocolate protein, packed with probiotics for optimal gut health … YAAY winning at beating my bloat. 💃💃☝🏻 link in bio ☝🏻 Tag your workout bestie .

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Uterus swelling .. 🤷🏼‍♀️ A week ago I returned from holiday with an inflamed uterus 😩.. Pic on the right ... I had been suffering with excruciating pain and lower abdominal swelling that was nothing to do with IBS or food intolerances .. ☹️ I went to my doctor immediately and my mirena coil which was fitted one year ago was not sitting properly and the stings wr not visible, there was also a little pocket of fluid and a lovely big fibroid 🧐.. Throughout the last year the new coil had not settled .. I had one previously for 5 years and had no bother with it but this one did not work for me at all .

A week later pic on the left today 😊, although I am having thee heaviest bleeding of my life 😱and still quite afraid to pop that moon cup in, 🤭I am feeling the best I have felt in a year.. I had pain for two days after the coil was taken out, but now it has really eased as well as the swelling all over.. This wasn’t a case of my usual dreaded bloat .. But I beat it anyway 💃.. Always listen to your body if you feel like something isn’t right and always get a second opinion .. Love Maeve
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Lower Body Burn 💥

Add weights if you want but this is pretty intense on its own.. 💥. Perform Each exercise x 20 reps for 4 sets 💃

Lateral Lunge & Press
Split Jumps
Forward Lunges
Curtsey Lunge
Squat Hops
Home or Gym Workout.. Tag your gym buddy 💕

To train with me and follow my full workout clink link in my bio
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Kettle Bell Workout .. Let’s go girls .. time to challenge urself .. Kettle bell swings
Reverse Crunch
Single arm swings
Repeat x 4

#maevemadden #weekendwarrior #workout #gymmotivation

My body feels free 🙏🏼 Today I had a scan & my coil removed ... .
For almost 1 year I had really struggled with it settling ... I had constant swelling of my uterus, weekly spotting, I felt my mood was always up & down and my body shape constantly changing ... I went to that same clinic 4-5 years ago and was told there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to conceive ...
Devastated by this I took action, i was underweight & over trained.. It flipped a switch in me to want to be as healthy & strong as I could and learn to love my body and all my flaws & for the uniqueness it is .. Today I have one very super healthy ovary ovulating... & another which is still (a bit dodge) but definitely looking much better than previous times ... I couldn’t be more delighted with the results ...
Now we will just be monitoring a fibroid which is growing quite slowing in my uterus.. It is the size of a tennis ball.. Although many women have fibroids so don’t go panicking, mine is just in a wee awkward place .. 1 day I will have to have it removed but for now it’s ok... .
I want to Thank you for all of your kind well wishes especially over the past few days... & I want you to remember always trust your instincts, when your body is reacting in a certain way it is a signal that something is wrong and do not stop asking for answers until you feel like you!!! .
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Ladies , Come Fly With Me ✈️ We have ourselves a competition !! 💕
@flybe is giving away 5 pairs of return tickets from London Southend Airport - Dublin. You can fly either way!
London Southend is located just 53 minutes from Liverpool Street train station. So what are you waiting for?
All you gotta do is tag your travel buddy @ …. BFF in the comments below and be the girlies who decided to go for it …
Your London Adventure Awaits You.

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