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ɱąɛ۷ɛ( ˘ ³˘)❤  🌹Tired lil rose🌹 🌻I'm just a vagabond with flowers🌻 🌼in a committed relationship!!! Thank u for not leaving creepy comments!!🌼

Selfie dump from the other dayyyy

Lembas bread: one bite is supposed to satisfy a man for a whole day, yet I could eat three of these in one sitting 😛
#lembas #elvish #baking #lotr

Having deep one-on-one conversations with my mom always end up with me realizing and remembering how much more important I am to myself than any person or friend in my past, even in the past year, that's treated me like trash. I am worth so much more than I think.

Here's to a brief six months together and a whole life ahead of us 🌻🌼

It's hard to recap such a good day in just a few photographs 💕☀️
Pc: @emmie_emmie_

We have more silly pics than serious "good" pics together but honestly I wanna keep it that way 🏳️‍🌈💕💕
Pc: @emmie_emmie_

🌿 B r e a t h e 🌿

I'll eat you alive

Took my son to the playground last week

Actual cosplay shots of Raven on @kowaicucumber but I just wanted to post pics with this sweetheart 💕💕💕 miss you Jas!
#medfordcomiccon #medfordcomiccon2018

A pretty pink baby 💖💖 (I don't usually buy merch, but @pixielocks is my queen and I needed a Funfetti shirt ok)

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