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Maëva Vinet  🤚🏼Stop Living A Life Little You Did Not Day Dream 🤘🏼 Daily Tips To Get You Closer To Your Dreams On My InstaStories

Maybe I’m obsessed with pancakes or maybe I’m obsessed with making myself happy 😊 What do you think? 😋

What do Tuesdays and Dragons have in common? They get slayed! .

It’s slay day people. Where you dream it, work hard and grind until you make it 🦄 .

What you will need today to slay:
💦 Determination 💦 Sophistication 💦 And a bit of perspiration

You will thank yourself later 😉
#Namaslay #TransformationTuesday

SMOOTHIE YOURSELF TO PEAK PERFORMANCE... because what you consume shapes who you become 💪🏼💫

I don’t know about you, but when I eat healthy, I feel healthy & then I act healthy & and make better life choices.

Having a nutrition-rich diet is massively important if you are serious about living your best life & reaching your peak potential.

So treat you (& your future self l) to a nutritioning smoothie packed with manganese to boost your body with ENERGY, bromelane to support DIGESTION & amino acids & vitamin B6 to maintain a HEALTHY BRAIN 🧠 .
This delicious smoothie will bring you one step closer to your goals by giving your body a good hit of nutrition. .
You only need 4 ingredients (psst...they can be frozen 😉):
. ✅ A Handful Of Raspberries 🍍 A Handful Of Pineapple
🍌 1 Banana
🥛 A Splash Of Milk( I Like @rebel_kitchen Dairy-Free Mylk) .

Swipe across see a download of the benefits of these ingredients 👉🏼

#Exercise #Nutrition #Mindset #Sleep #WhatWeConsumeWeBecome #Eeeeeats #FoodPhotography #FoodPorn #Foodie #ForkYeah #FeedFeed #Feastagram #Delish #EatingForTheInsta

STOP THE CAR. PAUSE THE SCROLLING. & enjoy where you are now 🌸🌷🌺
Notice how you feel.

Notice the temperature.

Notice the sounds.

Notice the scents.

The things you see only when you slow down 👌🏼 .

#SelfCare #Mindfulness #Gratitude

This week is all about #InternationalWomensDay and #WorldBookDay, a celebration of living, conquering and, in essence, sharing stories and narratives that make us feel something. .

Whether stories make us feel angry, resentful, motivated or inspired stories are extremely powerful. .

And what I love about stories so much, is that they are so personal, both to the peroson telling the story and to the person receiving the story. .

The way a story is perceived is so unique to everyone. .

And every single one of us has a story to share. All stories are worthy of sharing.

Just because we haven’t risen from the ashes of a near death experience doesn’t make our story any less interesting or miraculous. .

How can there be anything more unique, interesting or miraculous than how the millions of cells that make up our body converge, morph and sculpt into us and what we can do. .

This is why I share daily positivity and power quotes on my InstaStories everyday.

Because they are essentially the punch lines of great stories to make us feel something everyday. What you get from it will be totally unique 🙌🏼 #ShareAStory

I make my pancakes in a wok 🥞 .

#WeirdFlex #YouDoYou #WokCakes

🚨 Gratitude Alert 🚨 .

Until you have an appreciation for what you have it’s impossible to bring more into your life — Gratitude.
Even if you don’t feel it, you are capable of more than you realise.
.  You attract exactly what you need at the right time and you can overcome any obstacle that comes in front of you.

And if you can’t it has taught you something that you need to know to grow. 🌷 .

#Gratitude #PositiveMentalAttitude #DailyPickMeUp #YouCan #TheObstacleIsTheWay #Growth #StrengthFeed #TakeFlight #LondonBloggers #Mindset #MindsetReset

There comes a time when you have to choose between eating the clems or transforming them into cupcakes 🤪🤩

#PlantBased #Vegan #LowFODMAP #CreateYourHappy #SeekInspireCreate #LivingMyBestLife #YouDoYou

Proud Chest. Humble Chin.

Self belief is so important when it comes to building daily habits which drive you closer to where you want to be. But when self belief is over inflated we can get a bit too big for a our boots. .

Have a proud chest to demonstrate your self worth.

But always keep your chin humble and remember that you are never more worthy than anyone else.
The key ingredients to a bullet-proof mindset 💪🏼 .

#KeepItReal | #StayHumble | #SelfBelief | #BulletProofMindset | #Mindset | #StrengthHabits

The Earth without art is EH.

I always like to give my brain a rest from my phone and media when I feel overwhelmed with information. It helps RESET and DETOX my mind from attention grabbing media. .
The word ‘media’ comes from the Latin for middleman. So why not strip that middleman from your life once in a while to reconnect directly with the world around you. The CLARITY you get afterwards in UNREAL!
Photo Credit: @topsinette

Coat: Vintage from @depop
Trainers: @adidas Stan Smiths

#MediaDetox #Reconnect #Art #TateModern #HighPerformanceHabits #DigitalMinimalism

An 🥑 a day keeps the 🥼 away 👌🏼. Whack it in a smoothie or mash it on toast, you cannot beat the pleasure of a perfectly ripe avo 🤩
#AvocadoToast |#AntiInflammatoryDiet | #PlantBased | #Flavnoids

Christof on my necklace 🥰

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