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Maé Méité  🚺Maé 🇫🇷Figure Skater 💄Fashion Lover 👣 World Wild Girl 📩 👻 m_zoulette

French do it better 🔥🇫🇷 #WTT2017

#WTT2017 🇫🇷

Thank God It's F8 of the Furious day. Been waiting for that day like a little child is waiting for his Christmas gift. Bwahahhaa Vin Diesel , I'm watching you 😍😜🔥

THANK YOU Mao-chan For everything you brought to that sport. Used to watch you doing those 3 axels with stars in my eyes at Bompard when I was younger and few years later , I got the chance to share he ice with you at the Olympics. You're a very kind nice and sweet person , you'll be missed for sure. Good luck in your 2nd life and thank you for the opportunity you gave me. 😘🌹

I will fly until I die.
📸 : @lhwskater 😘😝❤️

When life has decided to whoop ya ass !!!! #TGIF 😂😂😂😂

"Wherever I go , I always pack LIGHT and Make sure I bring ONLY the things I NEED. It's just that I need a lot of things 😂😝🙊" #PetitPigeonVoyageurLeRetour #MaisElleVaOuEncoreCelleLa #WhereIsSheGoingAgain #OuiToutCaCestPourUnePersonne #YesTheyAreAllMine #LaissezMoiVivreMaVieEnPaix #LetMeLiveMyLifeProperly 😂

This is what REAL love looks like. 😂😂😜😍 🍫 Chef Maé en action 🤗🍴

Be natural , be you and be proud of who you are. Oh and happy Friday y'all 🤗🎉

A special good luck to my teammates , very good friends and all the competitors at Worlds ! 🍀 and special thoughts for my babyyyyyyyyy. Make me cry again...👊🏿🔥😉 love you ♥️!!!

¿ Nostalgia dicen ? 😝 con las más guapas !!! 😘 #fbf to that crazy summer night in Montreal 🔥

"You never know how far you can go , until you decided to push those limits further." 🔥👊🏿
@wassii_la attention j'arrive bientôt sur les rings 😜😂

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