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Maé Méité  🚺Maé 🇫🇷Figure Skater 💄Fashion Lover 👣 World Wild Girl 📩 👻 m_zoulette

"You never know how far you can go , until you decided to push those limits further." 🔥👊🏿
@wassii_la attention j'arrive bientôt sur les rings 😜😂

When you are done and it's Friday #CelebrationTime #MyBodyIsInPain #ButNotMyMind #AndISurvived 😂😂😝

From June 19th to July 1st & August 14th - 26th join Florent Amodio @moment4life1990 and his team for his second summer camp in Vaujany , France where you will have the chance to experience something unique with some of the best coaches world wide (@nikolaimorozov2014 ,Bernard Glesser , Romain Gazave , Stanick Jeannette and the sweet and lovely @miki_m_ando0403 )
You don't wanna miss it 😉

🇫🇷A toutes les femmes qui nous ont donné la vie , qui prennent soin de nous chaque jour , qui veillent sur nous tout au long de notre existence , MERCI pour votre amour , votre courage , votre détermination. À toutes les femmes en devenir qui nous entourent, je nous souhaite une merveilleuse journée de la femme. 💋🌸⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️🇺🇸🇬🇧 To all the women who gave us life , who take care of us every single day , who watch over us all our lives THANK YOU for your love , your courage and your determination. To all the women-to-be that surround us , I wish to all of us a wonderful women's day. 💋🌸#WomenDay #TogetherFurtherStronger #TheAmaezingArmy #EmpowerOurWomen

Keep dreaming. 💫

🇫🇷 UNE envie soudaine de partager avec VOUS Ma folie hors de la glace , mes fit challenge , les défis journaliers que je me lance mes motivations quotidiennes et ma transformation physique , psychologique , psychique donc baaaah je vous attends >> @fit2be_amaezing << #PlusOnEstDeFousPlusOnRit #TheAmaezingFitArmy #AllezVenez 🇺🇸Suddenly I wanted to share with you my work off the ice , my new challenges , pushing my limits , your limits further , trying to be your motivation throughout my daily routine , what do you think about it ? Well I thought it was a hell of a good idea so here it is >> @fit2be_amaezing << follow the craziness , you won't be disappointed ! Oh and bring some friends with you , it might help 😜😜 #TheBiggerTheBetter #SharingTheJourney #ComeAndJoinMyAmaezingArmy #JustCome

🇫🇷"C'est lorsque tu t'y attends le moins que la vie te surprend le plus." Une magnifique semaine de travail avec @benoitrichaud qui , il n'y a pas si longtemps était un de mes coéquipier en Équipe de France et qui aujourd'hui me transmet sa passion , son énergie et sa folie au travers de ses chorégraphies.

Pas facile tous les jours , la preuve en image 😋 mais avec une pointe d'humour, c'est quand même bien plus facile de repousser ses limites.

Une collaboration qui m'a beaucoup aidé dans mon processus et qui j'espère vous plaira.

Restez connectés...🔥 🇺🇸 "When you think life has given up on you , there is always an unexpected gift around the corner." A wonderful week of hard work with my former French team-mate @benoitrichaud who now hands on to me his passion , energy and crazyness through his choreography.
As you can see , it's not always easy 😋 but with a little sense of humor it's easier to push your limits further.

I don't wanna give up , not now and certainly not like that , so I hope you're going to love that new partnership.

Stay tuned... 🔥

All rights reserved to @obrajon 📸

How to thug a side-by-side 3 Lutz ?
Take @yvettoth as amazing partner & @benoitrichaud ❤ as cameraman ; Wear a comfy @nike pants ; maintain your feet with some awesome @edeaskates ; fly with your @johnwilsonblades oh and don't forget to Dab at the end 😎🤗🔥 #ThuginStyle #HavingFunOnFriday

"Love at first sight." Huge thank you to @edeaskates & @johnwilsonblades for the support you are showing me and for always providing me the best boots and blades. Time to put some 🔥 on the ❄ now 👊

Merci à Olivier pour cette magnifique photo. 📸

Embracing the week-end like 😎 #IReallyDontCare #RockingThatSwag #AlwaysWithTheSmile
Wanna join my crazy world ?
Right there --> 👻 m_zoulette

And every time I think about you , my heart goes 💣💥

Sending loads of love to everyone , because Hey , I'm not selfish 😏😝 happy lovers day ❣️

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