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1 year ago: complaining b/c 70° and too cold at the beach.

today: complaining b/c 90° and too hot at the office.

s/o to Weekend of Halle for preparing my liver for the 2018 Worldwide Interschlagen Games (winners pictured above)

it’s an ad

coachella was rad

hey @michellmybellle just wanted to say 1. I’m sorry for not giving you the opportunity to comment #tuluminati on any of my Mexico grams and 2. CONGRATS on your new job!!! I know you’ll kill it as Gwen Stefani’s newest Harajuku Girl ✌🏼(p.s. who knew the background in your dc house could be even worse than our rooms in the kappa house)

“no confíes en el agua de Mexico” – this guy

brokeback mountain and human sacrifices

blue is the warmest color

it’s a sign

new york: where staying in your 100-year-old apartment isn’t an option for warmth

@ mother nature, I’ll trade you one snowy bomb cyclone for one sunny waterfall/volcano please

the year with too many santa claus #happyhanukkah

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