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Madeline Petersen  recovering style blogger, architechy, wife & mama to two sweet kiddos, living in & lovingly updating a 1940s bungalow on the hill in SLC.

I've been trying to sneak in little thrifting trips over the last few weeks. We have some big room swapping plans & I'm going to need some accessories. This trip was one of my better ones. I'm loving the shallow wooden basket, especially.

Part of me was waiting to be completely "done" with the kitchen before posting before and afters. I'm not sure if I had convinced myself I'd blog about (I won't) or that I was close to finishing the project (I'm not). 🔹
Our kitchen transformation was completely cosmetic & I'm super proud of what was accomplished with a set of bargain appliances, new hardware, a few gallons of paint, and more time than I ever could have anticipated. That patterned floor tile was a real labor of love. ❤️ #petersensonthehill

My sunshine girl ☀️

27 weeks // I've got a new haircut, a pair of J.Crew maternity jeans (thrifted for $12!), and a handful of mama blouses from H&M. Everything is going to be just fine. #petersenbaby3

It would be difficult to find a picture that is more on brand for me than this snap of Simone playing president at the children's museum.

Spent the afternoon getting our guest room set up for a long term guest. Now I need a nap! #petersensonthehill

And now Simone has the fever that took Tate out a few days ago. No one likes a sick kid but snuggles are always nice.

Our kids usually share a bed, which means if one of them is sick we end up with both of them sleeping on toddler mattresses in our room. Tate's had a fever and Simone is along for the night. I just love how much these two love each other.

24 weeks #petersenbaby3

22 weeks // Same blouse different day. I've already reached Braxton hicks territory & and the nerves on the top of my stomach have gone haywire. But apparently the baby is the size of a coconut 🌴 so there's that.

We spent the weekend at a cabin with friends. Spent time laughing, playing games, and lazing about. The kids had a chance to play for hours on end and to go down the sled run outside the front door as many times as they wanted. It was a lovely get away. Now back to real life!

Have you ever seen someone so excited to get a cast off?! He giggled through the whole thing and said it tickled.

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