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Madeline Petersen  recovering style blogger, architechy, wife & mama to two sweet kiddos, living in & lovingly updating a 1940s bungalow on the hill in SLC.

Six years ago this boy of mine made me a mama. He is so genuinely good, kind, funny and loving. I'm more proud of who is becoming everyday. All my love to my first born on his birthday ❤️

36 weeks // I had a bit of a scare earlier this week. I woke up with contractions and back pain that I thought would go away. I went to work for a few hours but went home to take a bath because I was so uncomfortable. The contractions intensified and my midwife sent me to the hospital. In the end, I was mostly dehydrated. After 2 bags of IV fluid and a clear ultrasound they sent me home. I realized I'm tired of being pregnant but not enough to want to have the baby early! #petersenbaby3

In the next few weeks we are planning a major room swap extravaganza. We are moving both of the bedrooms from the basement to the main floor which means the bedrooms are shrinking but the bathroom situation is about to be a million times better. In anticipation of that move, I tricked out this basic target dresser with a marble contact paper top and the prettiest drop hardware I ever did see. We need functional hidden storage in the bathroom and unfortunately the vintage dresser we have in here just wasn't fitting the bill. Swipe right to see the dresser before and the whole bathroom in context. I still have plans for this room but they will have to wait. #petersensonthehill

He programmed a little robot to navigate this board and my STEM heart skipped a beat. So proud! ❤

We have a new addition to the dining room. After much soul searching and a couple tears, we decided to part ways with our adorable mid century china hutch in order to bring in something more functional. Meet our new pantry / broom closet. I'm so excited to come home from the grocery store and not wonder where on earth we will put all of our food. I have grand plans for tricking this out to look like a bona fide built in with a glass display cabinet on top but that part of the project may just have to wait. #petersensonthehill

The stairs are done! (Swipe right for more photos & before & process shots) 🔹
Some of you may remember I started this project roughly a year ago. I stared at my aging beige carpet & walls and just snapped. There was more prep work than I would have guessed. I really wasn't anticipating every tread to have linoleum glued to it! After stripping the stairs of glue, sanding them down and risking life & limb to paint the walls, I ran out of energy to finish the project. Finally, Steve spent some time over his spring break getting the stairs primed & we jumped back in to get it done. Many thanks to my brother, @ajpetebyu, for lending me an air compressor & staple gun after my dinky stapler broke mid process. Hooray for getting projects done! 🎉 #petersensonthehill

We can't all smile with our eyes open. Happy Easter!

I've had this navy sofa squirreled away in an unused corner of my bedroom since we moved to this house almost two years ago. I convinced myself it wouldn't work in the living room and it took me all that time to rethink that position. I started thinking about selling it but that made sad so I decided I better give it a shot and I'm over the moon. Look at it playing off my antique rug! ✨Magic ✨ Dare I say that my living/dining room is done? It's literally the only room in the house that is! 😅 #petersensonthehill

32 weeks // The baby is the size of a squash, I feel as big as a house. I'm measuring two weeks larger than I am, which is par for the course but man am I feeling it. I've finally got the burst of motivation to get things done & now my body is so big I'm practically useless. Bless Steve for providing manpower to all my to-dos. I've got some fun projects to share in the next few weeks - stay tuned!
PS - bless @anna_winchell for sending me a box of maternity clothes. The dresses are going to save me for sure!

Mother Nature has a sense of humor ❄️

Childbirth petroglyph. Feels pretty apropos. 🤰🏼

Spent the morning at Moab Giants. Tate is really into dinosaurs and their bones. The kids had such a good time going on "a dig"

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