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Amon Madkind 

What is ART ? "Is this what it was supposed to be ?
Once a divine creature of our communities
MANY could SPEAK on it but ONLY the TRUTH could get through to ME
ART was all for POWER
& For those who were GENUINE
It shouldn't have to be all about the clothes, cars, & shoes you're in
As the NEW begins its sad to see the true PRETEND
You thought you knew your FRIENDS
Personalities are being BORN but for some its the END
HIP HOP was ART to me...
It still is... But why is it that we continue to over glorify drugs & guns to our kids ?
Once used to DEFEND, now abused to OFFEND
The troubled Moms behind their phone screens
What is ART once again ?
I guess WAR can be ART too
But now it's used to tear apart YOUTH
The FUTURE role models
& the ones you'll give your HEARTS to
HATE is over saturated
More ARTISTS are fabricated
Just to market BULLSHIT
& tell you they appreciate it
Rappers given chains just to HANG with the GANG
Being LIED to so much that they forget their own names
Look back some years ago & you'll see that most isn't the same
TIME created ART
But when will ART create a CHANGE ?
Maybe when the artists change themselves
I guess that's something that only TIME will TELL."

Trained by one of the best Jiu Jitsu Professors in Atlanta. I enjoy coming in & getting to roll with my teammates, always great energy πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈβœŒ big ups to @thesupremeking13 on earning his stripe today βœŠπŸ‘πŸ™ πŸ₯‹

On February 17th, I will be running in the 5K marathon to end homelessness in Atlanta. I made my donation, if any of you guys would like to donate the link is in my bio. Let's help change some lives. ❀ I'll be taking a long nice run this weekend. ✌✊

After quitting music I kinda lost the spirit of being photogenic. I felt like it was pointless to even take them. I appreciate you for capturing me in my element after being camera shy for a few months man. Big ups to @wire_atl for always supporting me regardless of my motives.

Depression couldn't stop me from evolving .

I've been taking no gi classes in Jiu Jitsu for 3 months now. I finally bought my gi & can start working on pursuing belts. I'm excited for everything I'm about to learn. πŸ™ πŸ₯‹βœŠ

Someone tweeted saying that no more Net Netruality will fuck it up for race organizations like Black Lives Matter bc no one will be able to have their voices heard through the internet & places like Twitter... Dumbest shit I ever heard. Huey Newton didnt have a fucking iPhone & the NAACP didnt have Instagram ages ago. Go out in your community & make a fucking difference. The Black Panthers went out & fed the youth/homeless, they went out on foot & spoke to the community.. They didnt sit behind their phones using hashtags & acted like they made a difference through retweets. Some of you are really too dependent on social media & the internet to live your lives. If you cant live without technology then you truly are a fucking sheep & you arrogant fucks really shouldnt think you're any better than our ancestors before us if thats the case. The internet has made so many Americans lazy & self centered.. All yall do is glorify drugs, gang violence, sex, & gun violence on this shit anyway. Yall motherfuckers make fun of broke people all year, shut tf up & pay for Twitter, Youtube, & etc then. Either way, Net Netruality wont make or break me. Go learn how to live WITHOUT this shit. Yall cant control everything, focus on your environment & whats around you & then expand as you travel. You cant fix every fucking thing in the World no way, so who cares if you dnt knw every fucking thing thats trending miles away ? Live YOUR life ! #netneutrality

I used to get teased about my weight & being too skinny my whole damn life so of course I'm gonna take pride in my progress that I've made in the past 3 months of training. I'm proud of myself, I find it funny when fake ass trolls DM me asking why am I working out & posting my body on my story.. Live your fucking lives. I do as a please. (6 Months in without cigarettes ✊ )

Yesterday I caught up with @flawlessviktory & we took some sweet ass shots before going to get pizza πŸ•

I haven't uploaded a poem in ages so here's one I wrote for those of you who actually enjoy poetry & like to read... "What is a butterfly if it never leave it's cocoon ?
Not spreading its wings
Being unseen
Stuck in it's DOOM
Not appreciating it's beauty & the JOY that it brings
Deaf to the air's harmony & the songs that it sings
Closed in from the WORLD yet protected from the BEASTS
With wings so UNIQUE as when ROYALTY speaks
Lyrics from the wind's songs cut DEEP...
Deeper than when human's skin & a butcher knife meets
What is a butterfly once it leave it's cocoon ?
One will never know until the flowers has bloomed
What is a butterfly ?
A butterfly is YOU ." Peace & Love ✌🏽

My birthday is coming up next week & I don't randomly blast bitch niggas on social media & clown around in a pink wig anymore... I'm maturing right guys ? (throwback) 2015

@ghostsupply released new button down shirts.. now available on the site ! | @wire_atl

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