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b πŸ’˜  maddie ziegler stan

hiii babes !! hope yall are having a great summer. im pretty much entirely detached from the fandom but I always get random desires do pop in and say hiiiii πŸ’˜πŸ˜Š

happy 4th of july to all my American frands!!!! this time last year I was getting all packed up to visit America but sadly not this year

literally obsessed w/ maddie and lilia's outfits (and style in general). prettiest ever

ahhhh my favourite pair. @liliabuckingham @maddieziegler πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

hiiiii all πŸ’˜ summer is literally so close and so excited to take a nice long nap lmao

soooo it's currently 12:51am and im studying for a final exam tomorrow. i literally can't cope with school anymore it's so stressful and im so so sleep deprived ): but on the bright side!! summer soon!!!

ahhhh thanks so much @dancemommelissa31 for following me last night! it was a nice surprise to wake up to πŸ’˜

this is one of my favourite photos ever ever ever. posting as a result of my procrastination (im literally drowning in school work, it's almost 12am) I can't wait for summer.

My heart aches every time I hear and think about the events in Manchester just last night at around 10:30pm, when just few minutes prior I was watching the snapchat stories of two of my friends enjoying the concert. Immediately upon finding out the news, my heart sunk. I am so grateful that both of them are ok, but upon hearing the recent news of 22 dead, 59+ injured, (Deaths including an EIGHT YEAR OLD) some family and friends just weren't fortune to hear the same news I did. What a cruel world we live in. What do we get out of terrorising the people? I sat up watching updates for hours on the aftermath of the explosion, which was now and then speculated by few as "popping balloon" or "speaker malfunction" however; the disturbing images and footage of the FEAR and PANIC of people in response to the bang just goes to show the fear we live in on a daily basis. (Just say it actually was a speaker malfunction) Is terror becoming the new normal now? Are we now just to assume that anything such as noises similar to gun shots and explosions, we should run? Which before we as people would've just shrugged off as nothing (could've been fireworks, anything) is a terror attack? Incredibly scary to think. It could've been any of us. #prayformanchester ❀️

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