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Madison Ranschau  Animal Advocate

I’ve always been a pretty shy and soft spoken since childhood. I find it hard to communicate with others and I am highly introverted, but I strive to work on it everyday. One of the best ways I feel I can get my true thoughts acrossed is by writing it out. Lately I have been feeling compelled to start being more active in bring attention to something many people aren’t aware of or choose to stay silent on. In the past I have always feared judgement and criticism for speaking up about veganism. I used to get easily shut down from over analyzing, which caused me to silence myself because of the anxiety it gave me. Recently I’ve discovered new motives and inspiration from other vegan activists, which has been driving me to do something more then just live a vegan lifestyle, but speak up about it. The problem is speaking up for helpless beings that are slaughtered, exploited, abused, and tortured everyday for human use and pleasure becomes controversial because it is against the common culture. Why try and justify supporting cruelty. Taste, habit, connivence, and tradition, are not a proper justification for taking a life. These animals are completely innocent just like a dog or young child. If a dog or child is being harmed or abused I know for a fact any sane person would help and defend them, but when someone choose to help and defend a pig who is equally as intelligent and has a desire to live, it’s seen as extreme or militant. Since when did it become extreme to not want to harm animals.
What is extreme is saying we love animals and are against animal cruelty, yet we pay for them to be slaughtered, mutilated, and tortured for food and products we do not need. Becoming vegan, living a lifestyle where your moral values line up with your actions through showing compassion to all beings. We are all looking for our purpose in life and I feel as if this is mine, to spread the message of the injustice oppressed on beings that can’t speak up. If I was in the animals position I would want the same done for me. I feel like I could do more. We all can always be doing more.

a year ago I would of never guessed I’d be living in Arizona with this unbelievably compassionate plant eating guy, but we are and I am loving every moment

plants and compassion is all my body needs to thrive...

I miss writing out these long captions because I do enjoy looking back and reading through them, seeing how my mindset was and how I've grown and evolved. I know many people may not read these captions, but the ones that do I appreciate it and I hope it may benefit you in some way. ----------------------------------------------------------
I'm not a person who enjoys reading, I'm very visual and auditory, but for some reason expressing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas through words is extremely therapeutic to me and it is the best way I can express myself (even though I'm not the best at it) so maybe I should just start posting length paragraphs with my messy thoughts and a visually pleasing photo for aesthetic. I sometimes lose myself in the shuffle of life, looking to change myself in a way to be someone I am not to find a way to fit in with societal standards or just to make friends because I often struggle finding people I relate with. I just continue to remind myself that it is okay to be 'alone' and different. Being your own company is the best way to truly find yourself, be comfortable with who you are, and grow. I have experience this and I am extremely grateful for it. I often get caught up in what other people think of me, what other people are doing that I'm not doing, how other people look, how I wished I looked, how I wish my life was, where I wish I was living, what I wish I was doing with my life, etc... but then I just remind myself this... None of that matters because this life is temporary, everything is temporary. Start living in this very moment because you cannot live in the pass or in the future, only now. If you want an aspect of your life to change you cannot not fantasize about it you have to live as if it has already happened and manifest it. We can only truly live this one life and the only thing that is holding you back is yourself, so stop resisting your dreams and desires and thrive. [Note: the butterflies were already dead, I found and kept them so they could be admired]

aspiring to time lapse sunsets from different destinations around the world and some day collage them all together ----------------------------------------------------------
Song: Beauvois - Attente


following a path of non-conformity ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


to stop the exploitation please don't support animal entertainment (zoos, circuses, etc.), eat their body parts and secretions (because this is what it is actually called, not meat, milk, and eggs), wear their skin, test and experiment on them, and the list goes on...
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Stop eating animal flesh and secretion because eating a plant based lifestyle is low or has no saturated fats and cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. (for the young people you may not worry about this now, but how you treat your body now will catch up to you. Why not make it easier and start now before you put yourself at risk of harming your body.) ----------------------------------------------------------
Increase in antioxidants, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. ----------------------------------------------------------there's no need to do extreme dieting and calorie restriction (⬅️ruins your metabolism = weight gain in the long run) because you can eat as much as you want with out worry about weight gain. No need to be afraid of carbs, they are your friend! SO CARB UP! ----------------------------------------------------------physical health benefits can be increased energy, weight loss, healthy skin, hair, and nails. Remember physical health is just another benefit and remember everyone's beautiful, love your body inside and out. ---------------------------------------------------------- #vegan #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #wholefoods #veganlife #animalliberation #crueltyfree #highcarb #veganfoodporn #vegansofinstagram #carbthefuckup #veganfoodshare #vegans #carbs #vegansofig #whatveganseat #govegan #health #healthyfood #voiceforthevoiceless

vegan veins🍍👽 for sure one of my favorite shirts now thanks to @veganveins wish I could have every shirt they have in their shop! Thanks Emily and Shawn, you're amazing people 😊❤️🐔🐮🐷 #veganveins #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #wholefoods #veganlife #animalliberation #crueltyfree #highcarb #veganfoodporn #vegansofinstagram #carbthefuckup #veganfoodshare #vegans #carbs #vegansofig #whatveganseat #govegan #health #healthyfood #voiceforthevoiceless

I'm vegan three different reason the ENVIRONMENT (the planet), ETHICAL (the animals), and HEALTH (my body). There is nothing negative I could say about veganism or having a plant-based diet because if you care about at least ONE of those THREE things I just listed above isn't that enough to take a step into making a change for the better. ----------------------------------------------------------
If you are at all curious about any of the three I listed above here are some documents to get you started ----------------------------------------------------------
✖️COWSPIRACY [for ENVIRONMENTAL (on Netflix) ] ----------------------------------------------------------
✖️EARTHINGS [for ETHICAL] ----------------------------------------------------------
✖️FORKS OVER KNIVES and VEGUCATED [for HEALTH (both on Netflix) ]
#plantbased #plantbaseddiet #peta #meat #environment #savetheplanet #vegansofinstagram #vegans #vegansofig #health #animalliberation #cruetyfree #savetheworld #vegan #water #pollution #extinction #cowspiracy #globalwarming #climatechange

"Animal agricultural is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction." If you care about wildlife/the environment at all and or maybe even the planet you and I are living on right now look into the impact from animal agricultural. Having an omnivorous diet (animals and plants) is linked to animal agricultural, because obviously that piece of cow, pig, chicken, etc. come from that once living animal. When you buy that piece of meat it's not as simple as you think, it doesn't just magically appear on the store shelf. The process of getting that meat to you for your consumption is far more complex. From the deforestation for grazing space or growing crop for feeding livestock to paying someone to slaughter that animal. Consuming animal flesh means you are in full support animal agricultural. What you buy including food is a vote. If you buy animal flesh/animal byproduct you are voting for the destruction of the planet. The planet FAR out weighs the means of your tastebuds.... so 1 POUND of beef needed 2,500 gallons of water to produce it. Animal agricultural is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions(=bad for environment) ,more then the combined exhaust for ALL TRANSPORTATION(=13%)! Animal agricultural is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Even consumption of animals fished from the oceans cause a large impact on the oceans "we could see fishless oceans by 2048". If you would like more facts go to (link in bio) I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend people to watch Cowspiracy it's an amazing film and it's on NETFLIX. check it out! And GO VEG if you care about the planet 🌱🌎 Also check out @erinisvegan channel on YouTube she makes videos with great information on topics that people should be aware of. There is also plenty of channels, websites, films, etc. if you are curious on this topic.
Add me on snapchat: madiranschau #animalagriculture #vegan #herbivore #eatmoreplants #govegan

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