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Found this mural on a run this morning and thought it was PERFECT! Lately I've tried to be in a "yes" phase- moving to Provo, transferring schools, switching majors, taking more video jobs, booking spontaneous plane tickets, overall trying to just make the choice then GO FOR IT and it's been magic✨

Checkerboard dance floors, hottest bride/groom/bridal party ever, and waffle luv. Literally couldn't go wrong with this vid!
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Come to apt. 245 if you want birthday cake #cakecakecake
Seriously though DM me... calories count again tomorrow

Also I'm not sure if I had more road trips for wedding vids or Sprinkles sundaes the past 3 months 🍥🤷🏻‍♀️🚗

Last day in Vegas and I'm feeling realllll nostalgic about it. I'm going to miss romping around with these girls in our city❤️

Ate my body weight in white chocolate covered EVERYTHING and blew up so freaking many white balloons all because #hannahwhitefeelssoright 💍

A video almost as golden as this bridge is up & linked!!

Real talk though... the creative process was a struggle with this one! For hours I'd sit at my desk feeling frustrated, unoriginal, and unmotivated. But I pushed though my major rut and guys, I'm more proud of this vid than any other. I hope you're as obsessed with it as I am!!🎥✨

Honestly a little bit embarrassing how many acai bowls I've had this summer... I'll give you a hint: I filled out 2 whole punch cards

SF actually stands for SO FUN!

"I hate perfectly crispy, flakey, golden croissants covered in white chocolate"
-absolutely nobody ever

San Francisco has all your feed's colored wall needs! *also didn't realize how short I am next to Gabs until this picture lol

Best choice I made this trip was talking Gabs into tandoming hehe she peddled me all 20 miles up the trail and over the bridge 🚲🌁 #onebikeisbetterthantwo #thankssomuch #noregrets

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