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MADISON  it's a charmed life! the 🎥 biz found at:

Loves in life: good pic lighting, my cute sister, pretty beaches. Check, check, check! ✔️

Lately I've been taking a whole bunch of Vegas sky pics so when Utah winter depression hits I have some pick me ups and my feed doesn't suffer ya feel me?☁️

Also dropping out of college to become a food instagrammer because eating overpriced & photogenic desserts seems to be my specialty...

Nate & MaCall's wedding video is one of my all time faves! I love working with friends because it gives me the chance to get creative and do something different!! If you want to see what I mean the link is in my bio😉 .
Also location creds go to @corbinballard 🌿
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We were stranded on this paddle board allll day... I'll venmo you $5 if you can guess how Gabs kept me entertained lol

Obviously working really hard on our summer bods #lol

Always the videographer never the bride (lol) not mad about it though because I have THE best couples! The latest & greatest is linked! Go watch @oliviatannerr and @jesse_mcinerny 's cute faces🎥🌸

Getting back together with friends is my favorite thing! I'm grateful for the girls that have stuck with me through all the ups and downs. Here's to catch up lunch dates for years to come!! ❤️🍴

Apparently the go to "no cameras" pose
Also in case you were wondering this picture took us on a 4 HOUR detour on our way to San Diego. My car broke down (if anybody knows anything about "transmission fluid" hit me up). If you can see the heat waves in the picture congrats yes you were right it was 110 degrees. Then a crazy man yelled at us and shot my drone out of the sky.

San Diego is one of THE cutest places ever who knew?! Thanks Lex for showing us around your new stomping ground and sharing your favorite spots! You know where to find the full vid!🎥

Today Ethan told me we should go to "the little chicken nugget shop" (aka Chick Fil A). Definitely gonna have to swap our motts for tots and hit that up at our next picnic

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