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Big transformation for my best friend @ashfromthesol ❤️ she has lost 8 pounds in the 2 months working with me! She has not sacrificed any of her social life. She also has not cut out alcohol and sugar. By being 80% consist with her workouts and monitoring her caloric intake she has seen results! As I have been slowing increasing her carbs and fats she has been able to utilize it as muscle mass and not fat mass. Can't wait to see what this month has in store for her 😍
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3 week transformation ! Left 122.4👉🏻Right 121.4lbs. Little changes add up in time! During prep, when you see other competitors transformation posts it's easy to compare your progress with theirs. I am my own competition and sometimes I need to look back to see how far I've come. #9weeksout #passionprideandperseverance

I finally got around to trying @lilbuffprotein cake mix after debating buying it for a very long time. I wish I had bought it earlier because it is SO good!! The whole package is a serving size 7g F, 27 C, and 32 P. It's super filling and delicious! Best protein cake I've ever had!

•9 Weeks Out•
Weight: 121.4
Height: 5'1
Calories: 1518 165 C 120 P 42 F
Workouts: 5 days of weights, 2 days of HITT Cardio, 1 full rest day, and 1 day of Miss Cardio
It's always a good feeling when you hit the single digits! This prep has gone by so fast(not a bad thing). I take it day by day and do the best I can. Even though my weight hasn't changed much this week I have been looking leaner. For my shows this year I have zero expectations of how I will place and what kind of physique I bring . I can tell that it will probably take some more years of competing for me to be able to achieve a pro physique. This is my second competition season and since I know what to expect it has been less stressful. I can control what I can and what I can't control I leave it up to luck/fate. #goodvibesonly #passionprideandperseverance

•10 Weeks Out•
Height: 5'1
Weight: 122.5lbs
Calories: 1518 Cals 165 C 120 P 42 F
Workouts: 5 days of weight lifting, 2 HITT 20 minute sessions a week, and 1 MISS 30 minute session.
Finally decided on my comp suits after changing my mind 100x. @muscledazzle_stage_bikinis makes the most gorgeous suits ever and they are so amazing to work with! I'm looking leaner than the previous 2-3 weeks which is great! I still have to lose at least 10 more pounds to get stage lean but I still have 10 more weeks to do that. I'm having to push during this prep but not pushing so much that it effects my health/performance. I strongly believe prep is working with your body and not against it. So blessed to have such a good and supporting coach @tissssshh ❤️🙏🏻. Ready to see what I can accomplish in these next 10 weeks.
Ps: let me know what you think of my suits 🤗#10weeksout #passionprideandperseverance

•11 Weeks Out•
Height: 5'1
Calories: 1690 180 C 130 P 50 F
I think I'm getting leaner? Was basically my mood all this week 😂. It's hard to see the changes in your body because you see yourself on a daily basis. Mentally I am still feeling good about my relationship with food and with my body image. Physically I don't feel too fatigued/tired yet and that's great! I am definitely feeling better about myself and what my body is capable of this prep. #11weeksout #passionprideandperseverance

In the real world what does competing qualify you for? Absolutely nothing.
Just because someone competes that DOES NOT mean they are qualified to teach/coach or to obtain any real position related to health/fitness. You want to work in a gym? You better have certifications. You want to hold a director position? You have to have a masters degree. Sure competing might look good on a resume but you are not qualified for any real position in the real world. What qualifies me to give people nutrition and exercise advice? My certifications,two+ years of personal training experience, and my soon to be BS in Kinesiology. This field is competitive and you bet it's hard (majority of my classes are science based). So if you think some IFBB pro is qualified to coach because she has her pro card make sure she actually has some real experience and qualifications. Even some people with this degree still promote false information and restrictive dieting. Knowledge and experience are equally important. #passionprideandperseverance

•12 Weeks Out•
Weight: 122.3
Height: 5'1
Calories: 1690 180 C 130 P 50 F
After my weird weight fluctuation last week my body decided that it was time to lose weight. This week I dropped 4 pounds 😳. I was so shocked! I'm 12 weeks away from my first show and I have about 8 more pounds to lose. If I continue to lose weight this fast that's not good because I will also be losing muscle mass🙅🏻. This week my body will most likely adapt and I'll start losing weight at a more maintainable rate. But really who knows 🤦🏻‍♀️. #bodiesareweird #12weeksout👙 #nogear #allnatural #passionprideandperseverance

Let's talk about the in it to win it mentality during prep/post season. No matter how shredded or how much more confidence/beauty you think you have going into a prep/show, someone at this show is going to be more shredded and have more confidence/beauty than you are. Everyone who competes wants to win that's why it's called a competition. Competitors literally spend over 1,000$ for 1 show to be on stage for 30 seconds and come home with no trophy. You have to be ok with failure if you want to be in this sport. Last year when I competed I felt small and skinny next to my fellow competitors. Although I did have the chance to go to nationals I didn't because my body was not ready to compete at that level. My body this year may not be ready to compete at a higher level either and that's ok. Their are other shows and plenty more seasons. You actually don't have to read the critiques judges give you, I didn't for my last show because I am my own worst critic. I decided to work harder and gain more muscle and place better at a regional show this year. That is my goal for my season to improve on what I didn't do right last year, this year. If I don't place this year it is not going to crush me it will only give me the desire to work harder and be a better person because of it. Failure isn't always a bad thing! Take what you went through and learn from it. #passionprideandperseverance

Walmart Grocery Haul 🍎🥐🍕🥑
2 bags of Romaine and Spring Mix lettuce ✅ Greek light and fit vanilla yogurt✅ strawberries✅cocoa krispie treats✅ diet cherry 7 up ✅ Alexa Sweet potato fries✅ chicken✅ 96% lean ground beef ✅ 60 second penne pasta ✅ spaghetti sauce ✅ power crunch bars ✅ BBQ sauce ✅ lower sugar oatmeal ✅eggs✅unsweetened vanilla almond milk✅ kashi blueberry waffles

•13 Weeks Out•
Height: 5'1
Weight: 125.2-125.8
Calories: 1690 cal 180 C 130 P 50 F
Workouts: 5 days of weights 2 cardio HIIT sessions and 30 minutes of MISS
My weight has been all over the place this week start of the week it was at 125.2 and went back up to 125.8. The prep grind is starting now with the decrease in calories and increase in cardio! Over the last 6 weeks of prep I've lost 4.6 pounds and have about 12 more pounds to go for my stage weight. I'm ready to take on the rest of prep and start seeing more muscle mass that I've worked all year for! I can't control how my weight fluctuates or how much weight my body decides it wants to lose. All I can do is give my 100% during my workouts and with my nutrition. Whatever will happen, will happen! I just have to do the best I can and I know that will be good enough! 💪🏻👙 #aintstressin #13weeksout #passionprideandperseverance

No picture describes us better 😂❤️ Can't believe I'm going to be married to the love of my life in 6 months 💍🤵🏼👰🏻 #madisongetsmitched #dingusesforever

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