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mads  happy life on a lil island 💦 love fitness & my cute hubby

Tryin to think of a cute caption but can't stop zooming in on my husband's arms soo 😶
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5 months without ur bffs is just too long guys

Going to share what little advice I feel I'm worthy of sharing here 😅 Always so nervous to open up on here but have felt like I should share this for a while now
Was looking through my Instagram and realizing how many of my followers are younger girls, and started thinking about what I would tell my younger self if I could. I was picked on badly throughout middle school, and extremely depressed. I came home from school crying almost every day.. (not a pity party, just the truth. 😁) It just seemed like a never ending cycle of waking up and simply getting through the day. I can't pinpoint when all of that changed, but I do remember the first moments I felt I had worth, sitting in church, and being told over and over that I'm a daughter of God, and that God doesn't make mistakes. I realized I was here for a reason, and would never discover that reason sitting around feeling sorry for myself and letting other people dictate my worth for me. Ladies, (& guys lol), you are so much more than you may think right now. Don't give up and don't be hard on yourself. Your future is so beautiful & bright. If you read all of this, bless you 😜 If you are going through anything similar and need a friend, you know where to find me. 🙂💛

My mannn 😍 (& yes, his hand is bigger than my whole head)

Bye UT!! You were a good time ❄️🤘🏼
(Aside from snowing on us while hiking in the middle of summer)

No better feeling ✨
Taken by beautiful bff @hbgoodie

Love u more and more everyday 🌿💛@jessicajanaephotography

Blake and I were so broke last year in Hawaii that we used one of these hand woven hats as our bathroom trash can for 3 months 🌴
#lifegoals #diy

Me & you hun 🍯 (Most beautiful moment of my life when the sun peaked out while the rain fell o my)

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glamping 🙂🌲

Have always loved @lifeisgoodco !! They are a huge source of inspiration for doing what you love and growing the good along the way. Alsoooo this month they’re having a summer travel giveaway every week!!🤘🏼🌎 Follow Life Is Good and share the good with #THISISOPTIMISM

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