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MADISON FISHER  Actress|YouTuber|Wife|Twin Mom & baby on the way Representation: Studio 71| WME | Luber Roklin| Facebook: Kylerandmad

So Kyler has been very busy filming the last month and a half, super stoked for him BUT I’m so used to his help every day with the girls. I’ve had to step up and be super mom this last month! It’s been amazing though, these little girls are my little besties 👧🏼👧🏼 😊 BUT Kyler got back yesterday so we are now reunited! 👏🏼 photo by @ciaranmaephoto

I don’t post very many bump photos/ bumpdates so here’s one for today! I’m 28 weeks this week 👏🏼 Been feeling tons of kicks & I feel great! I haven’t had any symptoms, sometimes I forget I’m pregnant honestly. The hardest thing about pregnancy for me is getting dressed, I don’t like wearing clothes when I’m pregnant 🤣 but besides that it’s been a breeze. I think having twins makes it go by super quick because I’m so busy! 11 weeks left 👏🏼 photo by @ciaranmaephoto #28weeks

Holidays are way more fun when you’re matching! Even the doll is matching! 🤣 Thanks @leveretclothing for these cute outfits! You can use code ‘Madison15’ for 15% off #ad

We’re the Fishers so once a week we go to this bridge and watch the fish for hours..... it’s a tradition. Jk but that would be a fun tradition😂🐟🐠 Thanks @terrahjadephoto for this cute photo #fisherfamily #familyiseverything #family

I wanted to get a cute pic with my girls today and they started attacking me with kisses 🤣 And it’s my favorite photo ever 🥰 Love you girls so much! @taytumandoakley

With little time to take care of myself with the twins, Olay makes my life much easier! #allmasknomess #olay #ad

14 more weeks before I can hold this sweet baby girl! Woohoo! Her name is Halston Blake Fisher 💕 @halston.blake

I feel like I can accomplish anything in this world when I’m with you ❤️

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I wanted to shout out @mavlashextensions 😏 Zoom in to see how talented they are! I think maybe I can’t live without them now. Also, shout out to @brianaissance 💁🏼‍♀️ for styling & shooting these photos! Comment below if you’ve ever tried eyelash extensions! And what you think! Anywhooooo, Have a great Tuesday everyone! 👏🏼

Our shopping spree / meet and greet at @vicidolls last week was a dream! Have you seen their new stuff that launched last night?!! 😱 I’m dying!!! I think my whole closet is turning into Vici!! 😂❤️ #vicidolls

While the girls nap, I look at old photos 😂🎄 and I can’t handle this! I had to post! @taytumandoakley you girls are way too cute in these fluff ball hats!!!! #flashbackfriday #babyfluffballs

We love the magic that children’s book bring! For some time I wanted to give my girls a book that would take them to a fantasy world with them two as the main heroes .. It seems that @hoorayheroes read my mind: they sent us books that talk about the magic of Christmas.

These books have become our bedtime reading and will accompany us until Christmas. If you were looking for a magical idea for the perfect present, I recommend these precious books. Taytum & Oakley have so much fun seeing themselves as the main heroes of stories with Rudolph, Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas lights and so more. I even got you guys a discount for your order: MADISON15 for 15% off all their books!

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