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Madison Utendahl  👌🏾 maker of creative thangs 🍦head of content & social @museumoficecream 👄 creative-at-large @birds.bees 🌹

Celebrating Tribeca Film Festival with @nespressousa and @nymag. When I’m not inhaling ice cream - I’m watching as many films as I possibly can. Head to @nymag's stories to see some of my coverage of the Nespresso US Talents contest that celebrates women in film #nespressotalents #ad

VOTE for MOIC at @thewebbyawards by clicking the link in my bio ! This 🗳 is not just for MOIC but for all the ladies hustling to get the job done. I took this picture in SF during Press day at MOIC. We just opened our 3rd location and I was suffering from extreme imposter syndrome. I was worried I didn’t have what it would take to grow our Social and Content to be what it is today. I have zero interns, no assistants, no social media managers, nada...just me. MOIC’s Social & Content is a true labor of my love. 6 months later, myself and MOIC are up for two Webbys. The hustle pays off if you are determined and focused. Let’s take home this award ✊🏾🏆 #thewebbyawards #museumoficecream

Ode to self: have this much fun more often. Cheers to a weekend of laughing my ass off.


Happiest of birthdays to the woman who has changed my life in more ways that I can count QUEEN P. To the BEST, kindest, compassionate and thoughtful leader, friend and soul-sistaaaa, @pieraluisa, YOU are a gift. The world is a better place because of you and your brilliance. Thank you for believing in me. You are the definition of a woman who supports women. CHEERS to the most incredible year yet ❤️

Forever making CHER my mood. Here’s the Cher-INSPO you didn’t know you needed 🏆

MOIC has been nominated TWICE for Social at @thewebbyawards! When I opened the nomination email this AM, I burst into tears. At MOIC, we are all one-person teams. We all work tirelessly, doing the jobs of at least 5 ppl, all while staying true to the mission and remaining optimistic. There have been more times then I can count where I’ve doubted my performance based on the fact it’s just little ol’ me running all of our social accounts against companies with 20+ people and 10x more experience. For MOIC to be nominated for Best Overall Social Presence & Brand & Social - Art & Culture category(s) is an honor. MAJOR shoutout to my work-sista, the woman who pushes me more than ANYONE in my life to keep going for the social-gold @maryellis.bunn AND alllllll of #TEAMMOIC who respond to all of my insane social requests at ungodly hours. This is a company win! I LOVE YALL! This is SURREAL 🙌🏾👊🏾💪🏾

I am. so. tired. of. being. cold. and PALE. Clicking my heels to transport to a time when @giizeleoliveira and I were tan and glowing on a beach. COUNTING down the days to summma ☀️

My grandmother, Betty Utendahl, passed away in July of 2017 and despite “knowing” her for 25 years, I didn’t know her at all. She suffered a stroke before I was born, leaving her partially paralyzed and unable to speak. We communicated through expressions, embraces and hand squeezes, leaving us connected through touch, but entirely unaware of each others hopes, dreams and aspirations. For years, I struggled with my feelings and connections to my grandmother. I struggled with having so many questions that would forever be left unanswered. She existed in a body that was no longer her own and was a person whose life story was entirely dependent on the ones her people decided to tell. According to my family, prior to her stroke, my grandmother was a lifelong victim of heartbreak. She became a divorced, single mother, before she could blink twice, and never recovered from being left to her own devices by a man she so helplessly, devotedly, tragically adored and loved. Her therapy was music. She listened to Aretha Franklin on repeat…for decades. It has been 6 months since she passed and I have learned so much about her from the songs she loved. The stories she meant to tell me were in front of me all along 🎶

While at college in North Carolina, De'Janae was shot and has been fighting to walk ever since. De'Janae is bravely sharing her story to bring awareness and understanding that gun violence has a face and a name. If an image is worth a million words...need I say more? 🖤 (Cc: @_naeebaee_ @pieraluisa @k8deciccio @marchforourlives @amplifierart)

Trying to come up with a cheeky caption, but i’m really just in a bathroom...standing in a bathtub...with my clothes on...Why? Because the light is damn goood, and @lorenstewart is making me feel like a million bucks 💵

My heart hurts for this 🖤 Miss you Barry

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