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This quote was in a course I took and I wrote down in my notes and saved it as a motivational reminder. It rings so true. If you have a dream than you can achieve it - you just have to try and keep trying. Make a plan and create action. Do not be afraid to fail because you have to fail to learn what doesn’t work. So dream big but make sure you put your head down and work if you want that dream to one day be your reality.

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A topic that I cannot seem to talk about enough these days is carbs. Do carbs make you fat? How much can I eat? Are some carbs better than other carbs? So on and so forth! It is kind of crazy how society works. It is like we go from one det trend to the next in a blind of an eye. Before fear of carbs was fear of fats. People seem to no longer fear fats now that carbs have taken center stage. ​Before we dive into this topic head first, here is something you probably did not know.
Now this topic has a lot of factors that can come into play.. HOWEVER, the long and short of it is no. Carbs do not make you fat. Carbs are not made up of little evil particles making your jeans too tight. Can you gain fat if you eat too many carbs? Well yah! If they are over consumed they will make you gain weight, of course. But, anything in access can make you gain fat. What makes you gain fat is eating too many calories than your body needs based on your activity levels.
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This line from one of Denzel Washington’s acceptance speeches speaks so much truth to all aspects of life. .
#Commitment is what it takes to make a change and #consistency is what it takes to maintain a lifestyle. So let’s set goals, work hard, smash anything that gets in the way and live the best version of our lives that we can. .

Take me back to this paradise. In this paradise, nothing else matters. This paradise is everything we have been working for. This is where dreams become reality, and girls become women. This was the place where I finally realized "you are going to make it after all".

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I basically live my life by this mantra. Every step you take today will get you that much closer to the tomorrow of your dreams. Keep grinding friends because even if your goals seem like they are so far away, if you keep working, in time that day will be tomorrow.

Had a great shoulder workout today. Thank you @combat_dna_apparel for the awesome thank 💜. As I was training I couldn’t help but notice all the bad form happening around me. Today I want to talk about targeting your rear delts. First of all - do not forget to train them - as many people do. They are just as important as your front and sides as they will help you with posture and an all around proportioned look. Secondly, to target them you want to do reverse flys - this is done with protracted scaps. At the end of your ROM they will retract but do not start with that position in mind. Now, if you are doing a reverse fly on a machine, your set up should begin with your shoulders protracted - this means rolled forward. After this bring your upper arm in line with your torso (stop pushing your arms back as far as they go, this isn’t working anything) and keep tension on the rear delts without retracting the scaps. I see so many ppl with their shoulders to their ears or just pinching back like they are doing a seated row when doing reverse flys. Try this on your next shoulder day. You will be pleasantly surprised. Need more help with your fitness goals? Hit that email button 💜

Listen up friends. So who here thinks they have hit a plateau within their fitness goals? It can be currently or at some point in the past. But let’s be honest we’ve all had a moment of feeling like we are kinda stuck right?
Can I be straight up for a moment? Before you go blaming outside sources on your “plateau” you need to take a step back and really analyze every part of what you do to reach your fitness goals.
Look at your nutrition - are you really eating according to your goals 90% of the time?
Look at your routine - are you really putting 100% of effort into your workouts all the time? Do you progress your workouts?
If you look at these and still feel like you are putting 100% effort into all these things. Maybe you need to look at some other aspects of training... There is a change you are no longer progressing due to lack of proper muscle recruitment which could be due to form in your lifts - Maybe you need a trainer or a coach.
Need help pushing through a sticky point in your training? Hit that email button :) madison@beamfitness.ca

Ok I am going to preach a little here. I might be trying to overcome something myself - that’s ok. And sure this might sound a little naive, maybe I have been a little sheltered - who knows. So as I get older and have more life experience I am starting to realize it does not matter how good of a person you are or how hard you try - there will always be people out there who are not going to like you. That is OK. A very wise person recently told me - You cannot be everybody’s person. What matters is that you are always authentically you despite the nay sayers. Because for every person that might not “vibe” with you, there will be so many others who will. Those people you will truly be able to connect with and maybe make a huge impact on their lives. You are a little weird, crazy, sensitive, dramatic. That’s awesome. Whatever you are just be you. Because ultimately that will be what makes you happy. I feel we spend so much of our lives trying to please others and we get a little lost because we sometime forget to please ourselves. You will not be able to make everyone happy - ever. So go out there and do you. Because nobody else can.

In honour of hump day I wanted to share with you one of my favourite glute exercises. If you’ve ever trained with me you already know how much I like to train the lower half 😉
Exercise Ball One Leg Hip Thrusters
Step 1: place both feet on ball near the top
Step 2: lift one leg up and straight towards the ceiling
Step 3: press through the foot on the ball and extend your hips straight up and squeeze your glutes together hard at the top
Step 4: slowly lower your hips back down to start position. Repeat.
Oh ya - and don’t forget to smile at the camera while your up there 😛
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