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Madi Engels  Are you wondering how you can work at an ice cream company and still fit into your pants? That's my life 💪🏻👙🍦✨


The best wedding date 🍾🎊

My sister is a married woman!

I got to squeeze the cutest twins around! Waited so long to meet them but it was worth the wait 😍🤱🏼👼🏻👼🏽

Day 75! This is me realizing that mid picture my hair was was standing straight out from my head... then when I was deciding what picture to post I couldn’t help but see my arms 😳 day to day week to week the results don’t always feel like they are there. Then all of sudden bam 💥

The last 64 days have been a fight between my my mind and my body. Guess which won every time? My mind.
When I think about hitting snooze for that early morning workout I roll out of bed right away. When I think about just skipping it for a nap on the couch I get up and walk upstairs.

It has been a roller coaster of internal arguments. 99% of fitness is mental. Your body will not go where your mind doesn’t push it.

This Arizona girl just realized that we now get more sunlight in the afternoon!!! Guess this whole daylight “saving” time isn’t too bad ☀️🌤

These two pictures are about three years apart.
There is no hack. There is no magic pill, drink, or diet.
I have spent a year working on me. It’s not a punishment for me to workout and eat right, it’s a reward for my body.
I could not be more grateful for the people who inspired me and the ones in my life who pushed, even when it hurt.

Day 40/80 done ✅

You know what rhymes with Friday? Wine 🍷

Anyone else have outrageous thoughts while doing hard things?
My thoughts during these back to back moves. “Oh this is harder than I thought. Phew this is awkward where is my arm supposed to go? Can I hold myself up? Oh my gosh my arm could give out and I could land flat on my face. That would be funny. Kinda. Okay one more. WAIT DID SHE SAY FIVE MORE. Knees thank god for knees”

In 27 days those are my results. If your curious about the pics shoot me a message I’ll be happy to share!
Cancelling my gym membership was the best thing I have ever done. I was so nervous that if I worked out at home I wouldn’t have the same motivation. The opposite happened and this room is now my second favorite place to be. Let’s guess my favorite!

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