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  I LOVE MY MADI-DADDY °//^//° He is so cute and hot :33❤ And this is a "fanpage" for him °//3//°

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :33]
Um, yeah, this is the new style ;v;
I-I tried ;^;
And I hope you like it :33
S-sorry for the inactivity but this style is "A LITTLE" hard to do e-e💕💕

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :3]
Um, too much green?
I KNOW °^°
B-But I hope u like it :3
And omg I love your Laito because is one of the best cosplays of him ;-;💚💚

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :3]
Vkusno! :D
Um ;-;
Sorry for the inactivity, I'm a bad person T^T
B-but now I will try to be more active, I promise °^°💕💕💕

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto ]
Um ok,In my opinion this is the edit that I came out worse ;-;
Gn b-but I-I tried T^T
[Todoroki (And Madi (obv u.u)) best boy v-v]

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :33]
Um,I tried ;v;
Sorry if this is very ugly T^T
(I really love the Madi's Noiz, srry not srry c:💚

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :333]
Um well,I tried a new style for the edits aand ok?
It's pretty hard and I need to pratice,but it's not bad (/・ω・)/
(This edit remids me of Christmas -_-)

[10 • 12 • 17 ]
Well, happy birthday :3
You, my Sun and my lust for life in General, today is your birthday and although you get more "old" to me you are always the best .... I am really Happy for you and seriously, I hope with all my heart that this April you'll be at the Romics, I need to see you, hug you and don't let you never go away...
Well, for now I just hope that all this will come true XD
Oh well, not continue all this poem I finish with tell you happy birthday and
Ich Liebe Dich ... ♥
@madiminto ♥

[ All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto ]
Um, well, I know that this has nothing to do with cosplay, but I need to tell you these things. I love you very much and you are one of the reasons for which I keep smiling, you are wonderful, helpful, funny and obviously beautiful as the Sun. All those people who hate you or stop following you on social, they only do it out of jealousy because you didn't do anything wrong. Never stop doing what do you love and what do you do.
Ich Liebe Dich.♥
(Sorry for my really bad English >///<)

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :33]
Okokok,I really love the Madi's Shiro, IT'S FUCKING P E R F E C T T^T👌👌👌💜💜💜
And omg,thanks Madi for the fanservice :33

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :3]
Um ok,the Tian of Madi is my favorite cosplay of him T^T👌
He's so perfect ;-;

[All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto ;3]
I really love the Madi's Sousuke, it's really beautiful like the character T^^^^^T💚💚

(All the cosplay credits go to @madiminto :3)
And Madi-Daddy is always cute :DD
And he is a POtaTOOOOhHhhhH °//^//°

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