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♡ Madison Kate ♡  Madi • 21 • Florida • Cosplayer • Gamer • Taken♡ 🔜Next con: MegaCon DM/Email for business & promo inquiries ㅤ 💋Prints⤵


I may give necklace/pendant preorders a shot on my storenvy soon, I was thinking of discontinuing making them altogether, but a lot of you guys have recently been asking for them to be restocked?! :0 ❤️

If anyone wants to give this last hylian sheild pendant a home it's listed on my storenvy. (As long as you don't mind that it's touched my boobs) D:
The link is in my bio!

My suspenders broke literally right after I took this lol... 😩
Misty, Serah and Rikku fansigns will be sent out tomorrow! 💕
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My anaconda don't want none unless u got bunz hun 🐍🎶

Forgot how much I love pigtailsss 🌸👧

Morning! 😚☕️

Huge thank you to all the sweet bebes that preordered fansigns! 😭❤️ I'm excited to take them for you guys! Print orders will shipped out tomorrow💋
👁Lenses are 'Diva Blue' from @icutie_eu
#redhair #redhead

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People started reposting the second pic from my story so I figured I should upload it here :b
Had fun taking pics for the Casual Waifu D.Va fansign orders! you can follow the link in my bio to snag your own fansign request 😚 -
This was a rare tight belly day, and I'm flexing like crazy but I appreciate the nice ab comments haha❤️ I'm normally a bloated jelly bean 24/7 yall
Crop top is from @superorangeco
#casualdva #waifu #dva #overwatch #dvaoverwatch #dva #fansigns #fansign

Hello frands✨ :> ㅤ
These shorts were giving me one hell of a 🐱 wedgie
Totoro crop top from @happym0ndaystore 🖤
#happym0nday #redhair #redhead #totoro #myneighbortotoro

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Thanks to @miccostumes my #SerahFarronCosplay is actually coming along! 😂 the thigh highs and boots need finishing, and I need to find my frickin necklace but I'm excited to be wearing her at @megaconvention! almost feels like tradition to wear a FFXIII cosplay to megacon now lol. I must cosplay every Serah outfit! *o* -
#serahfarron #finalfantasycosplay #cosplay #cosplaygirl #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxiii #ffxiii

This is so cute! 😭❤️ Thank you @pillowds for drawing me and my bb girl!

Organizing prints, cosplays, and cleaning the hizzy today 💩
I keep forgetting to post updates about my FF-XIII Serah cos, but she's almost done! Just need to finish the boots, thigh highs and find wherever tf my old necklace went! 😨 Might do a makeup/costest tomorrow :0

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So I guess there's a national pet day too? 😆 here's some cute videos of my baby and love of my life, #princesspanda🐼
Name: Panda
Age: 11 years
Breed: Japanese Chin
#nationalpetday #japanesechin #japanesechins #japanesechinsofinstagram

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