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when mom knows you crazy, but she still love you.

we meet on the third friday of march during alternating leap years at 3:52am....sorry you missed it. 📷:@justinsofresh

slime season.

oh! juicy!

crutches crosses caskets.


the heat of 2015.

first time for everything....

lately i've been feelin a lot like this windmill....pictured here it appears to be still, motionless, and silent. but what you don't see is the reality: the rapid movement of the blades running through air, and the whooshing and whirring of every component as it drives power to its area....i am this windmill. to most of you i seem still, motionless, and silent....but what you don't see is the reality: the rapid progression of my growth as a person, the power i am driving to myself and those i surround myself with, and the noise i am making. to the select few who see this action live understand the importance and power of the windmill....but most, still, will never understand. so continue doubting, questioning, and neglecting the windmill, because those who appreciate and support the windmill will reap all the benefits when it's in motion.

mirror, mirror, on the wall...

i feel it.

ran into big hommie in the woods.

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