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Lex 🐭 Madeyewlook  🎨 Passion for art & film πŸ’‰ T1D 🍰 Bodypainter & Esthetician 🀘🏻 I love Rock & Roll 🐭 @creativeboss for personal 😝 Subscribe to my channel!

WEEEEE ARE THE LOSERRRS, MY FRIEEEEENDS, dun dun, dun dun. NEW video FINALLY UP on #madeyewlook! I swear this look was cursed! First I tried streaming, my materials didn't work. Second day I tried streaming, my internet died on me to the point where we had to get it replaced. TODAY, ITS FINALLY UP! Up later than expected, I've been so good with uploading at 7pm, BUT ITS UP! It is up, and I love this video ❀️ I'm so sorry the streams didn't work this week, but thank you to those who tuned in when you could, and for those who are understanding I was quite literally having technical difficulties. ✌🏻

Much needed vacation, just to get away ✌🏻🌴 Clear mind & sandy shorts 🌴 I brought my @benefitcosmetics bag with me and it's definitely my new favorite beach bag.

NEWEST VIDEO on #madeyewlook on #youtube! SHIIIIING sparkle sparkle. Over 800 sequins on my face and body! πŸ’Ž

YESSSSS yes yes. NEW VIDEO on #madeyewlook! There are over 800 sequins on my face! I LOVE the way this look turned out! Definitely one of my favorite looks. It took about six hours! πŸ–€ Products used: @tartecosmetics gel eyeliner to clean the edges, @graftobianmakeup body paint (black/silver powder + mixing liquid), @makeupforeverus eyeliner pencil and of course, sequins. Adhesives were @ardell_lashes lash glue, Prosaid, and Elmers washable glue stick over my brows

What editing looks like + my favorite snapchat filter ever β–Ί πŸ‘» MadeULook.Lex + my current favorite song | New video tomorrow! Who watched the stream today?!

Story of my life. Tag someone you think of when you see this πŸ˜…

FIRST WE HAVE WHAT WE OFFICIALLY NAMED SKITTLETOOTH.. now we have what you guys told me to paint on my body that I can only describe as nightmare fuel.. πŸ‘½ NEW VIDEO on #madeyewlook! If you'd like to watch the FULL live stream, that is also available on Facebook (also called madeyewlook)

Streaming today! Please be sure you're following me on #facebook! Back to the good ol' days, eh? "aaaaaaand like it!"

Awesome seeing the @realalicecooper star 🀘🏻🀘🏻

Watch you guys turn me into uh.. this. I did this on a LIVE STREAM on the spot! The internet told me what to paint. NEWEST VIDEO ON #madeyewlook!

What.. in the world.. did you guys turn me into πŸ˜‚ NEW VIDEO on #madeyewlook!

YESSSS. Got rid of 3-4 inches off my hair. Thanks Tatum! She did an awesome job (Dolce Salon at Chandler Mall in Arizona) 🌡Now I just need to learn how to French braid the side by myself. (I live in Chicago, just visiting AZ!)

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