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Lex 🐭 Madeyewlook  🎨 Passion for art & film 💉 T1D 🍰 Bodypainter & Esthetician 🤘🏻 Owner of @slightlystrangeshop 🐭 @creativeboss for personal 😝 Subscribe to my channel!


waaaooow, BEAUTIFUL singing voice! New video posted on Wednesday! Link in my bio ❄️

❄️ NEW VIDEO! ❄️ Requested “pretty” Snow Miser! ❄️ If you like this video, please do me the biggest favor and share the video, tag a friend, give it a thumbs up, just show it some love!! ❄️ Link in bio!

YouTubes ridiculous changes have made this my hardest year on youtube ever. It’s a sad day when you have to battle just for your content to be seen by people who want to see it, and people you as a creator want to share it with. They’ve made everything an absolute struggle. I’ve stayed quiet, knowing my voice isn’t being heard by YouTube.. which is so.. so so so so sad for me. It’s my favorite platform, I’ve always said that. Anyways. Please make sure you check your subscriptions :) and thanks for supporting your favorite creator :D I LOVE creating, and love creating to share with YOU! (Yes, you.)

GUESS WHAT!! I WAS ON YOUTUBERS REACT!! FINALLY!! The link is on Twitter!! Thank you so much to @fbe for having me!! 🙈❤️ I HAD SO MUCH FUN and I’ve been trying to make my way out to California to do this for AGES!! I’m stoked to have finally been on!!! Show some love, everyone! ❤️

Feeling fancy 🙈 Heh, I feel like I never get dressed up! Was off to California this week! YouTube uploads will return on Wednesday’s and Twitch streams Monday/Wednesday/Friday (is my schedule AT THE MOMENT). It’s a LITTTLE difficult balancing uploads and trying to get a place in California/going back and forth, but HEY. I couldn’t love the world more right now! This new chapter in my life is starting now. Things are shifting, and they’re shifting in such a great way. I can’t wait to hangout with my California friends more often!! SO MANY FILMING GOALS *insert huge creative beating heart eyes* ✖️Dress from #forever21 and boots from @express (which by the way, I want to wear all the time now)

LIVE ON TWITCH IN A FEW MINUTES :) We shall be PAINTING, MWHAHAHA. Uh, actually.. it’s less “mwahaha” and more “awww, cute!” 😜 Follow me! Twitch.tv/madeyewlook

HAHAHA I LOVE THIS PICTURE. The #grinch is NOW LIVE on YouTube.com/madeyewlook! Get ready folks, I’ve got a lot of holiday tutorials being requested!! :D If you have holiday characters you’d like to see, let me know!!!

Heh heh, TONIGHTS #youtube video will actually be uploaded TOMORROW NIGHT (FOR SURE). I’m still editing this silliness 😂 C u guys then! ✖️Make sure you are still subscribed to YouTube.com/madeyewlook because YouTube is bugging again and unsubbing subs :( I cri. ✖️

LIVE on twitch.tv/madeyewlook RIGHT NOW. Please be sure to follow me on there for live streams quite often! The grinch video will be on YOUTUBE TONIGHHHHT! Finally!!!!!!!

We are LIVE on twitch right now! :) Come hang out with us!! JOIN THE NOODLE CREW!! FOLLOW US!! BECOME ONE OF US!! Heh. Hit the heart on my twitch channel to follow me :) twitch.tv/madeyewlook (Offline! Thanks for watching tonight!! I may be back on tonight!)

SPECIFICALLY run by a type 1 diabetic :) I need some diabetic fitness friends.

LOOKATHOWCUTETHECHERRYIS HES SO CONTENT BEING A CHERRY ILOVEHIMSOMUCH ❤️ My goal in life is to be as happy as this cherry. ANYWAYS. A new tshirt just went up for sale on my clothing line’s website @slightlystrangeshop 🎉🎉🎉 Hint: it features this cherry that I love so much ❤️🍒 Check it out! Thank you guys so much for your support with this small business!! It’s SO much appreciated!!!! Please tag someone that would love this shirt, or want to check out the new line!

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