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Lex 🐭 Madeyewlook  🎨 Passion for art & film πŸ’‰ T1D 🍰 Bodypainter & Esthetician 🀘🏻 I love Rock & Roll 🐭 @creativeboss for personal 😝 Subscribe to my channel!


Was so happy to get out of the house yesterday and celebrate the opening of the @ultabeauty store on Michigan Ave.! In case you guys missed the livestream yesterday, it's still posted on the Ulta Beauty Facebook page by the way! For those who tuned in, thanks for watching!! Side note, the new store is freaking HUGE and SO ORGANIZED. I ended up buying some new Nudestix while I was there (which there's a whole stand of, by the way), MAC is also in this store, and I honestly spent like an hour in the store after the livestream looking around πŸ˜‚ Thank you for having me, @ultabeauty! I always love working with you guys. Also, congrats! This store is gorgeous. #ad

SHARE IF YOU'RE EXCITED! I CANNOT WAIT TO LIVE STREAM WITH @ultabeauty!! Heads up, make sure you are following THEIR Facebook page so you don't miss the LIVE STREAM at 2:30 CST TOMORROW for an interview with me and a few other lovely ladies you may recognize! (Yes, I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery, so this DEFINITELY will be a fun stream πŸ˜‚πŸ»πŸ˜Š) #ad

NEW VIDEO on madeyewlook! Id like to make this a long caption, but im actually in a ton of pain right now and am just going to go to sleep. Surgery went well! Thanks guys <3 Enjoy some laughs and smiles with the new vid!

See you guys when I'm 4 teeth toothless! 😁

All stickers available were drawn out by meeeee :] I'm so proud of my stickers 😁 Get them before they're gone! β–Ί madeulookbylex.com

YESSSS!! ALL NEW STICKERS ARE NOW RELEASED! 😍 Give them a home! Love them! Stick them! Stare at them!! All designs for the stickers were hand drawn by meeeee :] "What a Weirdo" stickers are also now back in stock!! β–Ί madeulookbylex.com

EXCITED DINOSAUR NOISES πŸ–€ Tag someone who would want a sticker! πŸ‘‡πŸ» My new pack of STICKERS HAVE ARRIVED! I will be releasing these tomorrow as a pack (a "Creepy Pack") on my website! These ones are 5 inches, which are a bit larger than the "What a Weirdo" stickers (WHICH WILL ALSO BE RESTOCKED TOMORROW!) All of these stickers designs were hand drawn out by MEEEeee! I 😍 them. The Creepy Pack will include Sock Monkey, Pumpkin King, and one of my first Halloween tutorials - Ruffles!

I have been so absorbed in drawing, painting, preparing, ordering, and designing stuff for my new business today, I can't believe it's 5pm. Honestly, starting up this new business has given me a new fire, and has helped me see so much light when I've felt very down lately. I do my best not to disappear on you guys when life manages to actually get to me sometimes. Thank you for your patience ✌🏻 I promise you, the art that is flowing out of my brain off camera is worth the wait. I've just needed some time to myself to FIND myself and to create. A new tutorial will be happening soon, but in the meantime, I cannot thank you all enough for being such a great family. I can't wait for you all to see what this new business is, and hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me so far.

WHAT A WEIRDO STICKERS ARE SOLD OUT OVERNIGHT OMG GUYS THANKS! 😱 There will be more in stock in about a week! IM SO GLAD YOU LOVE THEM!! Also, the sale for buy 2 get 2 eyeliners is still on!


THE MOST REQUESTED SERIES IS HERE! You have been asking me to do the #sevendeadlysins for literally YEARS. I am bringing it to you now 😈😈 Gluttony is NOW UPLOADED 😈 #madeyewlook

I love this picture. This captures me perfectly, drawing at an event instead of being involved πŸ˜‚ Look how freaking happy I am in my bubble. Maybe I should start putting as a footer on all of my emails, "Will only attend events if drawing pad is provided, thank you for the invite. Yes I will draw you something, you are kind. Unless you're a jerk, then I will draw you nothing, do not want to attend your party, and in the words of my little cousin - "you are yuk," thank you."

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