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Madeline  Foodie & Fitness Junkie Bachelors in Dietetics > Masters in Exercise Science 🤓🍍📚 Fitness Instructor "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle"

Another EMOM 😈 it’s a love/hate relationship.
1) 8 burpee box jumps
2) 20 tricep pushups (narrow hands)
3) 25 bosu v sits
4) 60 jumping jacks
5) 20 sit up to press
x3=15 minutes
This one is will def sneak up on you! After round 1 I was like ok this is gonna be pretty easy....... by round 3 I was not thinking this 😅 it’s a good one guys!!!
Happy Sunday 💋

How do you talk to people & to yourself? Do you put things in a positive way or a negative way? Do you try to see the good in things or do you immediately jump to the bad?

One thing in specific that I always key in on is when people say “thats just my luck” or “bad things always happen to me”.
Even if you don’t realize it, thats you being negative & blaming anything/anyone for things that happen in your life. But let me ask you something, how is talking like that making your situation better? In all honestly, its probably making it worse. Bc u saying “my luck sucks” just triggers you to start thinking about all the other unfortunate things that have happened in your life & it just becomes a negative circle.
So a small example would be that I spill something everyday of my life. If u follow me on snapchat, you are more than aware of my “spill of the day” posts. But do I say “just my freaking luck” every time I spill something & let it ruin my day?? No. Bc it is my fault & getting upset about it does NOTHING for me. Even if its spilling an entire pot of coffee in my bed… (yes thats happened), I still have no reason to go around pouting about it & how bad my “luck” sucks. & at this point my spills honestly make my day bc of how consistent I am its redic.

I know there are much bigger things in life that affect us a lot more than a spill. Cancer, injuries, loosing loved ones…. None of those things are fun or easy to deal with. But if u get diagnosed with diabetes & say “of course I got Diabetes that’s my luck”… how is that mindset going to get you anywhere??

God has a plan for all of us. He knows whats going to happen today, tomorrow, & next year. That alone should be humbling enough to make u take a few steps back & think “ok, someone just hit my car… but it’s not the end of the world & it could be worse”. Even just TRYING to look at the positive in situations makes it better. The more you practice, the easier it gets. The more positive you are, the happier you are.

So next time u go to McDonalds & their ice cream machine is down… instead of thinking “OF COURSE ITS DOWN THE ONE DAY I WANT A CONE”…. Laugh about it think ok I didn’t need it anyway 🤗🥰

What’s my current workout routine look like??
I’ve always made up my workouts when I get to the gym bc I get bored very easily & sticking to a plan isn’t fun for me. (( i did get into lifting by following a plan tho & highly recommend starting that way!)) I need a a TON of variety & I’m good at making up my own workouts so that’s how I go about each specific lift. BUT, I do plan my workout weeks usually a week ahead of time & what I’m gonna be training on what day. So lately it looks something like this...
Monday- HIIT & Legs (light day)
Tuesday- Chest/shoulders/arms
Wednesday- LISS & Legs (heavy day)
Thursday- Rest, cardio, lift ??? This is the day that usually varries depending on how I feel/soreness so it could be any of the 3
Friday- HIIT & Upper Body, I usually focus on arms
Saturday- Back/bi
Sunday- Rest— maybe cardio if I rested Thursday
I used to be very strict about hitting the workouts I planned & was very strategic about it. But lately i’m trying to listen to my body & train what I know I will get the most out of each day.
Each month I pick one body part to focus on & hit 3x/week. So this month & most of last month It was biceps. I have two days where I hit them hard then a day where I will just sprinkle 1-2 exercises in. December I’m focusing on back.
I always do legs 2 days/week, then everything else at least once...but it usually ends up being twice after factoring in HIIT.
Abs are something I will sprinkle in my workouts a few times a week (I do them with my class a lot) & usually make my HIIT workouts pretty ab focused.
I’m currently shooting for 2-3 HIIT sessions/week that are anywhere from 12-20 minutes & 1-2 LISS per week that are 20-30 minutes. Last week I even threw in 1 MISS (see examples below)
Like I said, I love variety so this is completely different from what I did this summer & prob different than what I’ll do in January. This is how I stay in love with the gym. Do what YOU love & makes you wanna workout ❤️❤️
LISS=low intensity steady state (bike, elliptical, incline walk)
HIIT=high intensity interval training (EMOM, sprints)
MISS=moderate intensity steady state (running, stairs)

EMOM !!!
1) 15 decline sit ups (try to keep hands touching head at all times)
2) 40 sec mtn climb plank (slow & controlled)
3) 8 burpees hop-overs (barf)
4) 40 seconds row (fast)
5) 40 seconds tricep dips (harder than you’d think)
I did it for 3 rounds to = a perfect and quick 15 min HIIT sesh. Give it a try 😘

Been a hot minute since I’ve done a #transformationtuesday
All I gotta say is put in the work & be patient, the results will come 👊🏽 I’ve never been naturally thin & my bellly will forever be a trouble spot, but if I can do it so can you 😘

Killer booty workout today that I did in 50 min 🍑🙌🏽 #qualityoverquantity
Today is the 3rd Monday I’ve fasted & I’m still loving it. It’s gotten a lot easier, but honesty even the first Monday it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it’d be. Look a few posts back or check out my highlights to see all the benefits of fasting for a long period of time... but basically it’s great for you. Which is something I never knew or honestly would have guessed!
Alsoooo, day in the life on my story today. So if you’re curious what my day looks like, go watch 🤓 I actually have a lot of fun recording what I do throughout the day & on the poll I took last time you guys enjoy seeing it soooo 🙃 imma keep doing it.
Happy Monday!!! 💋💋

Train hard & train heavy 👊🏽
(& that’s me getting excited bc my bra matched my leggings)

Sometimes you just gotta stick to the basics 💁🏽‍♀️ 3 exercises I almost always incorporate into my back days! Happy Sunday 💋

“Idk how to eat healthy”
Something I hear DAILY. But to be honest with you guys, it’s not as hard as most people make it out to be. We were all told in school growing up to eat your fruits & veggies, eat whole grains, & drink water. Hate to burst your bubble, but nothing has really changed. Of course the more you get into it the more complex things can get, but if you’re just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, those key tips are what you need to remember ++ moderation.
Lunch today was a 93/7 lean turkey burger with 1 slice turkey bacon, avocado, spinach, & light sour cream on a whole wheat bun. Then added some sautéed zucchini seasoned with garlic salt & a few air fried potato fries with sugar free ketchup. This was such a YUMMY, filling meal packed with protein, fiber, & healthy fats. I got all the ingredients at Walmart & it took me 10 minutes to make. So quit ur excuses 😘😘 Happy Saturday!!

EMOM- Every Minute On the Minute
This is a leg & ab focused, 18 minute, make you wanna die workout... & all you need is 2 kettle bells!!!
1) 12 box jumps
2) 10 curtsy lunges each side
3) 20 Russian twist each side
4) 8 burpee mountain climbers
5) 15 leg raises
6) 10 weighted jump lunge twist each side
X3 (or if you’re brave more)
So you have 1 minute to complete each exercise, and whatever time you have left in the minute is your rest time. Then once you hit minute 6 (exercise 6), go back to the top.... NO REST!!!
It’s killer. It’s good. & the endorphins were real. Give it a try 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

Happy Halloween frannnns 👻 🎃 I promise one day I’ll get my bicep workouts recorded 😅 but for now here is most of my back work from today.

Yesterday I didn’t eat. Why? Read
Fasting for longer periods of time (<24 hours) has so many benefits on our bodies & is great to do every once in a while. When I heard about this 2 weeks ago I immediately started doing so much research on it because I honestly had no clue that it was so good for our bodies. So after talking to some people, listening to lots of podcasts, & reading lots of articles... I decided to give it a shot.
I honestly thought it was going to be very hard & I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. But, it was SO much easier than I expected & I actually lasted 35.5 hours with 0 food, only coffee and water.
How I felt all day completely blew my mind. My energy levels were amazing, I was in a great mood, I was focused, & food was on my mind less than normal. I even did a HIIT workout & a heavy leg day that was incredible!! I think once I got in my head I wasn’t going to eat I just accepted it & it made it so much easier mentally. I also was able to easily drink a ton of water which always makes a huge difference in how I feel overall.
I’m not sure how often I want to incorporate fasting into my routine, but it’s def something I will be doing more often. If you guys wanna hear me talk about it I have it highlighted on my page, or below you can read some of the researched benefits of long term fasting.
Increased insulin sensitivity
Increased human growth Hormone
Increased focus & brain function
Better relationship with food
Weight loss
Boosted immune system
Decrease in cravings
Longer life span
**just to name a few**
But the list goes on! If this interest you & you are a nerd like me, I’d def recommend researching it bc it’s suchhh an interesting subject 🤗🤗

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