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Madeline  a little nutrition, a little fitness, & lots of self love 💗 Dietetics & Exercise Science 🤓🍍📚 "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle"

Goodmorning friendsss ☀️ throwing it back to last week when I had the best chest pump I’ve ever had in my life. Normally I can’t even find my chest pump lol.... but that’s not clevage guys, that’s a split 🙌🏽😭😍
Currently in Florida enjoying much needed time away. My little sister is playing ball so it’s not a typical vacation & is pretty laid back. So I’m still gonna be able to get workouts in & making sure to eat at least one healthy meal a day then just everything else in moderation! I’m all for going on vacay & enjoying yourself, & I honestly don’t believe anyone should feel the need to workout while away! But I also feel like a lot of people don’t wanna workout bc they have in their head that they shouldn’t have to... but deep down they know a few workouts is something they may enjoy & wanna do to just feel good. So whether you’re the type of person so chose to make time for the gym while on vacation or not, just make sure you’re doing what YOU wanna do... & not what everyone else on social media is saying you should do. I feel like garbage if I don’t get my workouts in & that’d make it hard for me to enjoy myself. So I’m making sure I get at least a couple good sweat seshes in, even if it’s only 30-40 min, that way I have some good endorphins running through my body 🙃
happy Thursday 💋💋

FINALLY starting to get those biceps to grow fam!!!!! #3yearslater #imatooliknow
Happy Sunday 💋💋

stay positive, work hard, & make it happen #fridayvibes

I’ve been on a whole new level this week with my workouts & there is not a body part on me rn that’s not sore 🙌🏽 I’ve been switching things up, challenging myself, & pushing BEYOND limits in a way that I honestly never have before & it’s been incredible 👊🏽👊🏽 it all comes down to how bad you want it & my motivation is out the roof.
& s/o to @izabella_mendez22 for being my partner in crime & pushing through every single workout with me #girlygainz
Have a great rest of ur week frans 💋

SHOULDERS 🔥 - you guys will wanna save this one
🍦Smith machine upright row ** shrugs 4x12
🍦Smith machine single arm overhead press 4x12 ** straight arm lat raise 3x20
🍦Cable lateral raise 4x15,12,10,8 ** plank shoulder taps 4x1 min (no rest between sets)
🍦Cable rear felt flys 4x12 ** face pulls 4x20
🍦Dumbbell lateral raise ** frontal raise 4x12
Most of the videos are supersets so make sure to watch all the way through!! (** indicates superset)
Lmk if u try ☠️

Bra: Victoria Secret
Leggings: Fabletics

Just remember, we all start somewhere 💓 #transformationtuesday

Top two: the kind of photos I would consider “insta worthy”
Bottom two: the kind of photos I’d immediately say ew at then delete.
But we’re gonna be real here guys. Everyone has rolls. & id be lying to you if I said those bottom two pics didn’t bother me, bc in some ways they do. But I can also look at the pictures & know that this is a body I’ve worked freaking hard for & if I have some rolls when I’m sitting a certain way, so be it. Belly rolls do NOT determine ur happiness. & the more you decide to love your body NO MATTER WHAT, the more confidence you have... & confidence is something everyone deserves !!!

Bruttttalll leg day 🔥🔥 shown are
☠️Single leg hip thrusts 4x8 ** banded goodmornings 4x20
☠️Static smith machine lunges 3x12,10,8 (going up in weight) ** jumping lunges 3x30 seconds
Wait for the end of the last video if you want to be entertained. The set before that one my legs literally gave out & I fell. #gains
The rest of our workout was:
☠️Pause squats 3x10 ** body weight squats 3x20
☠️Lying hami curl 3x10 ** upright hami curl 3x20
☠️Hanging glute raises 3x10 ** calf raises 3x15-20

S/O @izabella_mendez22 for the brutal workout
Tomorrow I 100% will not be able to sit on the toilet 🙃
Do it 😎

YOU are in control of your happiness.
Read that again.

If you’re unhappy, CHANGE IT.
3 major things that’ll effect ur happiness are
~ ur mindset.
~ ur thoughts.
~ ur attitude.
Actively working to stay positive & eliminate negative thoughts & emotions from ur mind isn’t always easy... which is why not everyone is doing it. & it’s very very easy to fall in the trap of negativity that our world has created. But I promise taking that first initial step towards bettering yourself will ALWAYS be worth it.
Choose happy ❤️

Arrrmsss 🙃 grow babies grow
💪🏽 bicep curls
💪🏽 skullcrushers
💪🏽 hammer curls
I also did seated incline bicep curls, tricep extensions, & cable tricep pushdowns! I always do arms in supersets & high reps to get the blood flowing & a solid pump 😋 try it!

& 10/10 reccomend these leggings from @ethos_co 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

In case you didn’t know, my name is Madeline & my biceps hate me 🙂 3 years to get that baby bump there and that’s WITH a good pump 😩 with the pose on the left they’re a little more visible, but you’ll rarely see me throw up the pose on the right bc honestly do I even lift 🤨 patience is a virtue tho my friends & I’m being patient 🤥🙄🙃
Happy Wednesday 💋

For all of you ladies out there who have that tummy that just wont seem to go away no matter how hard you work, I GET IT. & I know how frustrating & hard it can be always feeling self conscious about your pooch, or how far your belly is sticking out, or how many rolls you have when you sit, or the muffin top in certain jeans. My tummy is my trouble spot && has been my biggest insecurity for as long as I can remember. & its honestly very sad how much time in my life I have spent worrying about what my tummy looks like… && unfortunatly its still something I do struggle with from time to time.

BUT, with eating a healthy diet & incorporating both weight training & cardio into my lifestyle… I have transformed my body & now have a tummy that I can be proud of. Sure I still wish I had abs & was a little leaner in that region… & mark my words I WILL get there one day… but for now I am very proud at how far I have come.
& guess what… it didnt come from doing just doing abs 😱🤔

Getting a flat tummy comes with general weight loss… which is done through diet & exercise. ALL types of exercise. You cant just decide you want to have abs, & do abs, then abs appear. It doesn’t work that way sadly.

These pictures are almost exactly 3 years apart with loots & lotts of learning about my body through trial & error in between. The right is the summer I started lifting weights & I actually took that picture bc I was finally feeling good & somewhat lean for the first time ever. The left was this morning. & believe it or not I weight at least 8lb more now than I did then.

It wont always be easy... & for some of you it’ll be really freaking hard.
But you CAN reach your goals so don’t give up.
Do cardio.
Lift weights.
Eat healthy.
But also enjoy yourself & always remember that you are worth more than a belly pooch ruining your day 💋

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