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Madeline  Nutrition || Health || Fitness Dietetics & Exercise Science 🤓🍍 Fitness Instructor 🏋🏻‍♀️ iifym 🥑 "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle"

Superset these three exercises on ur next arm day 🤗

“Knowing who we are in Christ sets us free from the need to impress others. Once we know who we are and accept ourselves, we no longer have anything to prove”
-Joyce Meyer
Do one thing everyday to better yourself. Do one thing everyday that makes you love yourself. Do one thing everyday for you & only you.
You’ll be amazed by the peace & happiness that stems from self love.

Some of my leg day today!! Swipe && bookmark for lata 😘
✨Sumo deadlift- huge staple in my routine… I do them at least once a week. I always just keep adding weight until I can’t. Today I worked my way up to 225# for 3, 6 total sets.
✨Lying hamstring curl (3x15)- video is sped up so make sure you’re going slow with these && focusing on using strictly your hami/glutes to get the weight up.
**SS** Goblet pulse squats (3x20)- with the weight in front you’re going to want to lean forward… but make sure you keep your chest up & knees out.
✨Leg extension (4x20sec)- Here I did 20 sec on, 20 sec off. First round toes pointed in, then toes pointed straight, then out, then straight again. && if you cant tell I was dying. I started at 90lb & my last set was at 10lb and could barley get it up.

The other exercises I did were ✨Barbell walking lunges (3x10) **SS** Romanian deadlift (3x10)
✨Hip abduction (4x20 sec) same as leg extension
Also started my workout with 10 min on the stairmaster at moderate intensity, then 8 rounds of stair master sprints (30 on, 30 off).

Fasted cardio & yoga this morning then chest/shoulders this afternoon!
Absolutely obsessed with this outfit from @sassnfashionboutique 😍Leggings & bra together are only $35 each!! Literally a steal guys you can’t beat it. I’d compare the leggings to Victoria Secret Ultimate. High rise, have that “naked” feel to them, inside pocket, & squat proof (a must)!! Then the bra is very light weight & obvi super cute. If you guys are interested shoot me a dm with ur email & size and I can hook you up. She has a few left but is also willing to preorder & ship to you!!! Sports bra is also available in black 👏🏽😌
Also can we plz peep the photo quality bc I GOT A NEW PHONE 🙌🏽😍🤗☺️👏🏽 Happy Thursday fam 💋

5 reasons to train your back && train it heavy
🦄A strong back is a sexy back.
🦄A wide back gives the illusion of a smaller waist (aka hour glass figure).
🦄The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.
🦄A strong back helps with good posture && so many other lifts such as squats, deadlifts, planks, pushups… therefore reducing risk for injury.
🦄Being strong is such a confidence booster its unreal. Grow a strong back, grow your confidence.

Ok guys I know I suck at recording workouts lately but I’m always in a rush, by myself, & my phone is on its final straw. BUUUUUTTTT... got the iPhone 8+ ordered and it’ll be here thursdayyyyy 😍😍 telling myself I’m never aloud to have a cellphone again if I break it bc if u know me at all.... cellphones & I (or any technology expensive breakable thing tbh) don’t get along very well ☹️
But anywayyyyy— here is my leg day today:
👙Conventional deadlift 2x10, 4x5
👙Hip thrusts banded 4x12 (heavy) ** banded abductions seated 4x15
👙Banded RDL ** banded good mornings 3x12
👙Single hamstring curl machine 3x12
👙Glute kickback machine 3x12-15
Something I’ve been doing lately is focusing on going slow with all my movements. like slooowwww. && guys it’s a game changer. I’ve been so sore lately but my workouts have been shorter. WIN WIN. Its always good to switch things up!!
happy monday 💋

Did HIIT & arms today but here is a pic of me lifting up my shirt 🤦🏽‍♀️
If you don’t already know, my tummy is my trouble spot. Getting a lean stomach, abs, & a small waist is extremely hard for me because that is just where I tend to store fat. So when I start cutting weight & see more progress in my midsection, its honestly very exciting for me…. (& I start posting more pics with my shirt up 🤷🏽‍♀️)
But one thing that is so easy to do, & what I will catch myself doing, is compare my results to someone elses.
Looking at this picture I can think two ways.
⌛️I can think ok am I even “fit” bc I still don’t have abs & everyone else out there doing the same thing I’m doing has abs & a defined stomach & its not fair. & who do I think I am even showing my stomach trying to act fit when there are so many girls out there who “look better”.
⏳I can think dang my tummy is close to the leanest its ever been & thats amazing bc I know I’ve worked freaking hard to get it here. I may not have abs but I feel great and know I look great so thats all that matters. I know eventually i’ll get exactly where I wanna be so in the meantime im going to enjoy the process & be proud of myself in the moment.
Guys, its so easy to compare your results to someone elses. And yes, hoenstly I catch myself doing that with my stomach sometimes bc it has been a big insecurity of mine. I catch myself getting so frustrated bc “why don’t I look like that yet”. & that is NOT HEALTHY OR OK.
But today I took this picture & thought dang my tummy is really starting to look lean & be where I wanna be. I didnt think why tf don’t I have abs or that I wasn’t good enough to post this pic. I genuinely felt proud of myself.
& thats how it should always be.
So if you’re someone who gets caught up comparing, stop. Enjoy YOUR journey. Enjoy YOUR body. Enjoy what God blessed YOU with. Emphasizes your strengths & say screw you to your weaknesses then emphasize them too!!!! I promise being confident in who YOU are & how YOU look is going to make you 1000x more happy than what you would be if you “looked like her”.

Start >> Week 5 (beginning of last week)
Way over do guys sorry I suck
Week 1-4 macros: 1700 cals, 170C, 170P, 38F
Week 5 & 6 macros: low carb- 1500, 100C, 160P, 55F
high carb- 1800 cals, 180C, 160P, 38F. Alternating every other day high/low with two low in a row on Sunday & Monday.
As far as my lifting cardio routine goes, I changed everything completely at week 5 & am trying something I’ve never really done before.
Im lifting 5 days a week instead of 6 & staying heavy for the most part. The 6th day is for just abs & cardio (I don’t consider this lifting). I’m incorporating an arm day which I’ve never done & conventional deadlift day hitting both back & glutes. I’m doing fasted cardio twice a week as well as yoga. Also trying to sleep more butttttt… key word trying.
Can I telll a difference? Yes.
Clearly there are no drastic changes here. & for most people there won’t be in only 5 weeks. I’m not starving myself or crash dieting bc those methods don’t give you results that last. What I’m doing is sustainable and will be easy to maintain.
But overall my tummy is tighter & I think my waist is shrunk down a bit. I had to weigh myself in class the other day & was at 160, but have no idea what I was when I started. I am gonna guess roughly 165, maybe closer to 168 around Christmas.
I can say what I am doing now is hard. It takes a lot of energy & will power some days with my schedule. My plan was to keep my gym time about the same & make my lifts shorter to makeup for the extra cardio im doing, but I haven’t been doing that. So I’ve been spending a loootta time at the gym which is not necessary.
For this week I’m just gonna keep doing low/high & try to be 100% then may have a free meal next weekend bc diet feels are hitting me hard. Then after that I may switch up my macros a bit. Idk we’ll see 🤗

I may not always be motivated but boy am I determined 👊🏽 #grindandbegrateful

I dare you to be confident

First video:
🎉1 min forward plank
🎉1 min side plank
🎉1 min side plank
Second video:
🎉50 crunches
🎉15 leg raises
🎉15 heel taps (each side)
🎉15 cable crunch
Third video:
🎉Knee to elbow- 30 sec right, 30 sec left, 15 sec rest

Post ab ab check 🤨🙃
Recorded my workout & will post it lattttta 😌
Low carb full day of eating on my story today 🤗
Happy hump dayyyy 🤩

Went to the gym right after work today so I have makeup on & my hair is straight 🤭…. who dis
Had shoulders & was pressed on time so I got my workout done in 38 min but still left with a killer pump 🙌🏽💪🏽 (pics honestly don’t do justice 😏)
⚜️Shoulder press 1x15, 1x12, 3x8 (increasing weight)
⚜️Lateral raise ** around the worlds 3x12
⚜️Upright barbell row ** underhand frontal raise ** straight arm lat raise 3x12
⚜️Cable front raise ** cable underhand front raise 3x10
⚜️Facepulls 3x15
** means superset (no rest between)
9 exercises, 3-5x each, minimal rest, heavy weight 👌🏽
Quality > quantity

Ps planning on doing a fdoe on my story tomorrow (lower carb).... & ive been meaning to do it for days but keep forgetting. So if I don’t have my first meal posted tomorrow by like 10 someone message me ok ok

Mind over Matter 🌺
Some days I don’t wanna gym. Some days I REALLY don’t wanna gym. & today was one of those days. It took me over an hour to get myself physically inside of the gym, and then another 30 min before I was mentally there. I’ve been having my days lately but today was def the worst of them. I contemplated not going multiple times. Then when I got there I wanted to start with deadlift but the platform was taken, so I started with a superset && contemplated actually leaving bc I just couldn’t. But the platform opened up, & I forced myself to go pull.
& guess what.
I ended up having a greaaaaat workout. Like great.
I pulled more than I’ve ever attempted for conventional deads & had great muscle mind connection the entire time. Then ended with a solid HIIT workout.
& you know why?
Bc I made myself get out of the mindset of “I really don’t want to do this workout” to “I’m going to complete this workout”.
& some days guys that’s just how it’s gotta be.
It’s called discipline.
Practice it. Learn it. Do it.
& you’ll go far 💋

I’ve contemplated posting about how bad/long of a week I’ve had.
How tired & worn out I am.
How some days I’m mentally & physically just burnt out.
& that would be 100% real of me bc those have been my thoughts more often than not these past few days & I tend to just post my thoughts.
I also want you guys know that I am not perfect, I do struggle, & sometimes life gets the best of me.
All week I’ve been focusing on staying positive. Looking at the big picture. & just taking it day by day, hour by hour.
So I don’t want to feed you guys a bunch of negativity bc I know just writing a caption like that will stress me out & get me in that negative mindset I’m doing my freaking hardest to stay away from.
& I HATE receiving any sort of pitty about my life/schedule bc I chose to live the way I do & do not want to get on here just to be like whoa look at me.
So I’ll tell you this.
My “bad week” is because I’m overwhelmed with school & work. Aka I just have a lot going on & get stressed very easy. That’s not actually a “bad week”. There are so many people out there who have lost a loved one this week, who have been diagnosed with cancer this week.... people who have ACTUALLY had a bad week with actual life altering tragedy’s...not just the worry of a test grade behind them & lack of sleep.
Things could be worse.
& there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Always remember that.

• swipe 🙆🏽‍♀️
• like this if you like swiping videos more than collaged videos🙋🏽‍♀️
• comment if you have a specific workout/muscle group u wanna see more of💁🏽‍♀️
• I did like my first ever bi/tri workout today bc my arms are pathetic & gotta start focusing on them if I wanna see improvement 🙅🏾‍♀️
• I hate that I have a caption on the first vid butttt I forgot to save it without 🤦🏽‍♀️
• I am annoyed that I have this filter for all videos, but again I saved one with only the filter so I had to put the same on all 3🤷🏽‍♀️
• If you listened & are still reading, the last photo is a great representation of my camera roll. I’m a loser I know. 💆🏽‍♀️
Have a GREAT weekend my friends 💋

Actually contemplated setting this as my background bc it’s so beautiful... so figured it’s worthy enough to post 🤤
Air fried sweet potatoes, baked chicken breast, & green beans
So simple but so good 👅
If you guys are curious what I eat in a day I usually post at least 1 meal a day if not all on my story. Alsooooo, I put a lot of my meals in my highlights section on my page, so go look 🙃

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-6‬ ‭NIV‬‬
This may be the only time I’ve smiled today & my outfit was the ONLY motivation that got me to go back to the gym for legs.. but we made it fam 💕 now off to the lib for the rest of the night 🤓😩🤯
Happy Thursday 💋

Honestly a shame I don’t have abs rn after the ab workout I did today ☠️ really thought when I lifted up my shirt there was gonna be some kind of miracle under there....... ya feel????
I am now taking a day solely for abs bc I suck that much and just hardly ever do them. So this way I kinda have to 😅
Today’s Workout:
10 min stair moderate level
10 min stair 30sec sprint/30sec try to breathe
3 min stair cool down
-Decline leg raise (these are no joke) 3x8
-Cable crunch (facing away) 3x15
-Cable crossover crunch (idk what these are called??) 3x15
** do all three then repeat **
-Decline weighted sit ups with a russian twist at the top 3x10
-Cable crunch (facing the machine) 3x15
** do both then repeat **
-Weighted side dip 2x15
-30 sec flutter kick
-30 sec crunch
** do all three then repeat **

Pretty sure my hair has been in an extensively messy messy bun for like 7 days…but kinda vibing it ¿
But hi Happy Monday 💋 Thinking about what I want to focus on this week bc I have a lot going on & knowing what I need to do to stay happy & eliminate stress is huge for me. I’m continuously setting goals for myself, big & small, bc it honestly just helps me stay sane. So this week I’m prioritizing...
🎀Sleeping more. Basically I dont sleep & its probably the most unhealthy thing about me. But I allowed myself to sleep in Saturday and honestly felt like a different human which was a smack in the face of “Madeline you need to sleep more”. So immmma try.
🎀Avoiding procrastination. Even though im not a huge procrastinator, sometimes I put school work off longer than I should. I have a ton of homework due every week this semester & if I dont REALLY REALLY prioritize, its very hard to get it all done. So in order to avoid stress and make my life a little easier, I’m just doing things when I can and not using the excuse of “well I can do It later”. So far so good on this bc I’ve gotten a ton of homework done between yesterday & today.
🎀Yoga & fasted cardio at least twice a week. These two things make me feel great & are both very beneficial to my health (mental & physical). Therefore I’m going to start making it a habit to incorporate these into my routine every Tuesday and Thursday.
🎀Sticking to my plan. Normally this isn’t an issue, but lately I’ve been not doing the workout I had planned, not hitting my macros I had planned, not going about my daily schedule like I planned... & It really annoys me & makes me crabby lol. So this week, I’m sticking to my plan & not making excuses.

Find the things in life that make you happy ❣️

I don’t do it for anyone else, I do it for me.

Swippppe 🍑🍑🍑
🌮Last movement of my lift- banded donkey kicks. I did bent leg & straight leg 4x15. I always end my leg days with a booty isolation exercise like this!
🌮Walking lunges- I swear I’m making these look easy bc they killed me 💀 but always start my lifts with compound movements (deadlift, squats, & lunges for leggies) 3x10 for these & it felt like 7x50 🤮🙃
🌮Also started my workout with HIIT on the stairmaster. 30 sec level 14//30 sec level 4, 8-10x = ☠️😈🙌🏽💦
(&& no I didn’t realize my 3rd pic was cut off but it’s too late to delete now 🙄)

Are you the type of person to drop out of a plank 1 sec before time is up or one sec after?
Do you go pick up the paper towel you shot at the trash can and missed or leave it?
Do you push through one more rep when it hurts or do you quit?
Do you say sorry first or does someone else always have to be first to admit they’re wrong?
Do you use your phone as a distraction to avoid looking at someone or do you smile when walking by?
Do you look for the good in people right away or search for the bad?
Just something to think about 💗
&& in case you missed it… I posted a taco pizza I made last night on my story that was freaking bomb. We had taco pizza on special at work Tuesday & it made me really crave one… so what did I do? I came up with one that fit my macros. That’s the joy of this lifestyle guys. It doesn’t have to be “hard” or “miserable”. Happy Thursday💋

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