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Just a little Marj in a Great Lake

I bought a one-piece swimsuit that is for someone WAY bolder than I am... so this is how I've been wearing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I don't even look like me!

Somehow my dad survived for 15ish years while we all lived under one roof || Thanks for getting me hooked on Tolkien, always reassuring me (and my sisters) that we are capable of anything, and for teaching us not to take anyone's shit. Because of you, I live in the greatest city in the world. You're the best, Dad. Go Cubs Go!!

"Oh my God, no" -Me

The Devil || what the fuck just happened || Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

A little late, but happy second birthday to Rodney + Rodney. I've thought a lot about trauma lately, and there are two major lessons I learned from my experiences with it. 1) the human body is amazing and basically magical 2) sometimes we need support (literal and metaphorical) in order to heal. Oh and also WEAR A FUCKING HELMET. || 📸 Illinois Bone + Joint Institute (shoutout to my indestructible fibula)

Also here's another one from the same place from even longer ago. I date this one. I try to refrain from posting sappy shit, but my main squeeze is far away and I miss him. If you live in Europe you should go say hi and compliment his knees for me. || 16

Hi hello I did not post the day this happened but I am now so there look how cute they are!

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