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David van Westervelt  I like to scape the land, drink beer and fuck shit up. πŸΊπŸŽ±πŸŽ―πŸ’‰πŸ’°πŸƒβ„οΈπŸ‹πŸŽ§

My new favorite picture of all time. At one point or another every single one of these men instilled some sort of value or moral in me to help me become the man I am today and for that I am forever grateful. #generations #vanwestervelt

Well apartment 21 it's been real as fuck but like they say if you ain't moving forward you might as well be standing still. On to bigger and better things 🀘🏼🀘🏼

Happy FOOKING birthday to one of the baddest mother fuckers to ever walk the earth @thenotoriousmma #InsertMayweatherShitTalkingHere

Truer words have never been spoken. Fuck this heat and if you work inside in air conditioning all day your opinion couldn't be less relevant to me #landscaperproblems

Facts on facts #bluelivesmatter

Doing work in newark today and came across this dog outside in this heat with no water or food and is obviously neglected. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing this. I'd like to tie the owner up outside my house in the sun and not give him any food or water and see how he likes it. Needless to say I gave him food and water and called the humane society and informed the police and believe if I see the owner of this poor animal he's gonna get a piece of my mind and more than a piece of my right fist. #humanesociety #aspca

Bang πŸ’₯

When your girlfriend knows #gains are life. Loaded chicken quesadilla and a big ol plate of rice and beans #fuckasummerbody #iwantabigbody

Some motivational words for this beautiful Monday morning

Happy fathers day to the og. You've spent everyday since I was born being a role model mentor and now my best friend. You've been there to bail me out, give me a smack on the head or a hug and wise words whenever needed. You made me into a man I can look in the mirror and be proud of and for that I can never thank you enough. #happyfathersday

Thinking about how I turn 28 at midnight tonight and how it's time I take over the world. Anyone wanna come have a beer or shot with me for my birthday I'll be at @buddys_place aka #theoffice all damn night doing what I do 🀘🏼🀘🏼

Even after 8 and a half years I still look at you and think to myself "how the hell did I pull that one off" #wcw #wce #mostbeautifulgirlintheworld @samanthal0pezxx

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