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  haters can choke bye

[170425] Dara with Junsuke and Minhye in Japan.

"no dating in house" "we cant date because yg is family" "family dont date each other"

man can you hear me snorting but nvm at least they didnt say dispatch was just joking around lol iykwim
however congratulations to sungkyung and joohyuk!
im happy for them and their shippers as well. ❤

feel old yet?
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[170422] Dara liked and left a comment on Eana's post about G-Dragon's lyrics in Palette.

Eana's caption: The most heart-pounding-inducing lyrics by GD I've ever seen so far. Jiyong-ah, auntie will be forty soon, sorry for talking casually.

Dara replied: Ah... Unnie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Eana replied again: Please don't tell him.
translated by: @/klkesu

Mino and the Winner boys mentioned Dara and Jiyong on their V-Live. They thanked their sunbaes including CL, and also their hoobae, iKON.


[170420] Dara liked a post of Seungri about Run, BIGBANG Scout!

[170419] A fan spotted G-Dragon, Dara, and Blackpink in YG building.

The twitter convo happened in 2013, when G-Dragon was in the process of making Coup D'Etat.

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translated by: @/krisstary9

im still wondering what did jiyong whisper to dara

[170412] Dara with Mr. Pogi 🐼❤

[150801] guess who chose to be with dara instead of resting after having a super tiring concert? 🌚 #riddleoftheday
swipe to the left for more pictures.

[170409] daras hair stylist liked a comment of an appler which mentioned both jiyong and dara yesterday, around half past 11 kst. she posted this in 21st December 2016, and the comment was also left at the same time.

i strongly believe she did this in purpose because she hasnt unliked it yet up until this very time lol wHYYY;;

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