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#tbt Back when I thought I had a great handle on my personal style and time management skills... fast forward to today, I still got the style but Babymojo let me know real quick that my time management game is weak af!! 😩

Life is good. I just hired a full time nanny! 👌

I was so certain my baby would be a mini-me but because of this guy on the right, Skye looks nothing like me...I'm still trying to cope...🤣

The secret is in the raw juices... Red:
Romaine lettuce

Green Leaf Lettuce

Mickey Mouse Fresh!!

Y'all better pray for this postpartum pooch though... it's about to be mercilessly annihilated! 😏

PSA from Baby Skye aka Babymojo:
You can do it! Let Friday be the new Monday... Set some goals and crush them today. Starting any journey might at first seem intimidating and you might be paralyzed by doubts but there's a cure for that!! ACTION!!! Action builds confidence and that's the "mojo" you need to get to your goal!

Needed that afternoon pick me up real bad after a treacherous night with Skye and this elixir performed as expected! * Lettuce
* Celery
* Green Apple
* Lemon
* Ginger

Memorial Day Shenanigans

"For lack of raw green juice, my people perish." ...Ingredients:
-green apple
-commitment to staying healthy🤣

If you don't have any Friday night plans...Skye just sent out an invite... please bring your own milk!

Mother's Day shenanigans with Baby Skye... by the way, my Mom loves to address him as Babymojo. I'm wondering if I made a mistake by sharing his "stage" name with her🤔

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