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Made With Love Leigh On Sea  Cruelty free, vegan and eco soy candles. Hand poured, hand made, handled with love. Locally resourced. Made in England.

So the tins have arrived. So now I have 10 'creative' pot of yoga clam balm plus 30 empty tins - now I would need to order and make (insert joke about my computing skill level here) fresh labels but if anyone would like a tin or two for the suggested donation of £6 plus postage all proceeds are going to MIND. We made around £50 on Saturday for @mindcharity at the #yogathon, would love to contribute more!

So #madewithloveleighonsea is potentially our temporary name whilst we're perfecting our creations. Today how ever I'm thinking #carnagekitchen - What do you think?! My beautiful tins didn't arrive so i roped in every one I could to find some alternate pots, they're a trifle smaller them what I ordered so now my #madewithlove wonky labbels super don't fit! Ah the fun of trial and error home made stuff involving technology🙈 alas we shall persevere the balm is still beautiful, ingredients even better then the trail as I located a local bee keeper so the wax is organic and lovingly harvested and the bee so well taken care of. It really is beautiful. I opted for cocoa butter in this blend as it's a slightly harder butter, what with the summer months upon us. It also happens to smell of chocolate which you may notice as a soft, soft base scent in this blend. Makes it that little be extra.

The first clam balm. Made a mini batch in preparation for tomorrow as the containers haven't arrived argh! Not to fear I've found some to buy tomorrow morning - busy day! This means I'll have loooooooads extra when the tins do arrive and all proceeds will be going to @mindcharity. Suggested donation is £6 plus postage x

I am categorically not cut out for the work side of this work - Give me a kitchen to experiment, mix and blend in any day! Today I spend 6 hours making these labels. ( we won't talk about the rest of the week!) They're misaligned and go totally skewif towards the bottom but alas I tried!
Anyhow - These are the labels for my savasana grounding calm balm that I'll be finished making this week for the #yogathon in #brentwood next weekend. Hosted by @jesswellbeingyoga in aid of @mindcharity. This is the same blend I made a few months ago for my friend who had #postnataldepression, something I also had to fight with, so this is personal! They will be available to take home for a suggested donation of £6. I can also post them out. 100% of the money raised will go directly to MIND, I will not be taking anything towards cost. Mental health support is imperative and I'll do what I can to support it.
Now for the balm itself! It's made using ethically resourced butters and base oils and locally, lovingly sourced beeswax. It has a beautiful blend of #essentialoils including #clarysage #sandalwood and #sweetorange amongst others. To use you simple rub a little on your temples and or pulse points. I also use this in savasana adjustments on the back of the shoulders and neck before giving a little temple and eyebrow rub. It's gorgeous!

#savasanacalmbalm #calmbalm #grounding #yoga #mentalhealthawarness #charity #love #leighonsea #madewithlove #handmade #handblended #handpoured #unfortunatlytheproductisletdownbythelabels #theyreterrible #itried #labelletdown #someskillsneedwork

Everyone has a plan until life gets in the way, as a result #candles have been in the back burner recently (pun, oh so intended). These are essential oil, soy wax, pillar candles. I made these for many reasons.
1. I really wanted to try pillar candles
2. I've also been making temple balms as a bit of potted love for my friends and yoga students and this is the same grounding blend of oils.
3. I recently started Trakata or Candle Gazing and I've finally started on my home yoga patch - this is going in it.
One is for me the other my wonderful yogini friend. I have 6 small wax melts if anyone would like to test and feedback for me. These are definitely good in the #collection. #soywax #soycandles #soymelts #essentialoils #handpoured #handmade #handblended

Making up some yoga balm for grounding and elevation of anxiety. All natural ingredients and smells divine...this one will be test in my evening practise and Sunday class - they're all fairly willing to try it for me! This blend uses bergamot, clary sage, lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils with ethically sourced bees wax, mango butter and hemp seed oil. Super nourishing too (may have to make a little extra for a bath blend!) #beahumanbeingnotahumandoing #natural #essentialoils #yoga #yogabalm #relaxationbalm #groundingbalm #sleepbalm #relaxation #anxietyalleviation #grounding #rest

It's been a while. Scent testing some tiny batches. They all smell so good - but will I have uncovered perfect?! These are fragrance oil only, I'll start adding the essential oils once I'm happy with the Base!

Accidently ordered just under 20 scents to work with this are the first four testers. Time to give the mood board life! #handblended #testing #madewithlove #whatnext

#happy #yule #Hanukkah #christmas #winterfeastivals or simply #happydecember I hope you're having a wonderful time! #tistheseason. I was gifted this #beautiful #unicorn #tealight holder (and #mermaid mirror piece) so now I obviously have to make some tealights! Soy ones don't exists and a sotty burn simply won't do! These will double as the perfect scent test too- its meant to be!

Scent test of chocolate-amber/amber-chocolate?! Which sounds best? This tiny candle filled the house with a sweet musky warmth that smelt good enough to eat. I had to ask our Christmas sleigh boy for help-how cute? (He was perfectly safe through and the candle wax transfers to a spacious heat resistant surface after. Always burn safely!)
#sweetaroma #wintercollectio #chocolateandamber #amberandchocolate #whatisinaname #tester #scent #scentthrow #soycandles #soywax #vegan #crueltyfree #plantbased #ecofriendly #conscientious #luxury #treats

Morning walks in #leighonsea, enjoying this beautiful painting by @apathy_bunny. Such amazing drawings and photos on her page. #tikkathetiger #artist #artwork #local #localartist #brilliance #beauty

First delivery received in a cand crafted crafted box filed with love. If anyone would like some pre Christmas love my last order is being placed tomorrow. #vanillajasmineandbergamont and #cinnamonandvanilla and both on the cards, some more #chocolateandamber too? We will be delving into #coconut for a custom order as well so if you've any thing you'd like to add please send us a dm. #homemade #homecrafted #handmade #handpoured #madewithlove #madewithloveleighonsea #christmas #loveandlight #vegan #plantbased #crueltyfree #personalised #customised

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