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1D & justin bieber fanpage  Roses are red, harry's close-up photo from his knee's r jeans blue, directioners rule the world n there's nothing you can do •Belieber•directioner•

Happy birthday ma babeeee <3

Yes. I still support him. Get the fuck over it people ^~^ he's the best ever happend to me and today he's not a teenager anymore … he's kidrauhl.

Happy birthday ma babe ! I love and i cant believe you r just .. 20 omg. Enjoy your day babe ! xx just kidrauhl, just taller @justinbieber

whats the last song you heard of one direction ?

Omg. My dad was singing midnight memories ^~^

How can you be this perfect ? ^.^

Guess who this cutie is ^~^

~There last posts~
Omg. Check theo ^~^ so damn cute

How cute they are - british awards 2014

O.M.G you wish.. c'mon guys.. THIS is just psico.. niall can have much better .. <3

Welcome to our fandom :$ This is why i love you guys XD

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