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  MADE IN NY Pictures of People, Places & Things around NY. 📧

NYC Underground!

Probably one of the most valuable clocks in NY! Grand Central Terminal. @grandcentralnyc

The sculpture is in the Art Deco style, as is the entire Rockefeller Center. Atlas in the sculpture is 15 feet tall, while the entire statue is 45 feettall, as high as a four-story building. It weighs 7 tonnes, and is the largest sculpture at Rockefeller Center.The North-South axis of the armillary sphere on his shoulders points towards the North Star as seen from New York City.

Sometimes you need tools to keep focus

Freedom, we all reach for it!

Lets go listen to the night train.

Purple haze of NY nights.

Frozen veins of NY

Fulton street

Major arteries

No blizzard but atleast we still can have some fun! #nyc #sledding #winter #snow #photooftheday