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Madeline j jenkins  Keep on fighting the good fight

Thank you for all of the messages and friends/strangers who talked me through a pretty gnarly panic attack tonight. It was a bad one, one that made me go "oh shit." But all of the loving messages reminded me that im not alone and good things still exist. I will be taking a break from social media in the hope that it will help with my anxiety disorder. Love to you all, take care of each other amd yourselves 🎃

Pc @zoeella

Robby isn't here and he's out Of cell service and I don't know how to stop

Oh Jesus fucking Christ this is so accurate of Robby and i. I am disgusted with myself for how much of a Halloween decor slut I am

Mondays AM I RIGHHTT??

Look what I got!! Herbs galore!

Just throwing this out there: does anyone want to help me train/prepare for fire fighting? I'm planning on taking multiple practice tests this year for the written exam but I also need to begin training my body to do the physically demanding specific drills of firefighting so I can pass the cpat test! If anyone has suggestions on where I can get a cheap weighted vest( or let me borrow one) please let me know! Also if you want to work out with me that would be swell! Also if you or someone you know has been through the process please let me know! I have so many questions and after speaking with one of bham' s fire captains today I only have more questions!! Pc: @zoe

Come get yer veggies kids!!! Pc:@zoeellaa

Honestly so proud of myself because today i did adult things like i fixed my washing machine, worked 5 hours, put baking soda in my cat's litter and I even cooked myself a meal! With vegetables!! Not the usual frozen pizza from grocery outlet!

You know what my fellow millenials??? We're going to be just fine! Keep ya head up!
On another note, this summer has taught me to realize that fuck no I don't wanna go to law school! I wanna be a fire fighter/emt/national park ranger

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Takin' it easy

Gobbler's knob fire lookout on a less foggy day