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Claire  Family Ocean & nature Dabble in instruments. Laugh A LOT. A LOST soul trying to figure out what THE HELL I'm good at. I should be vegan #endVAW \m/

I've absolutely no clue how I've raised a person who bloody loves cars, yet! Here we are. #bestfriendnumber1 extremely stoked to sit in a Lamborghini for the first time

#bestfriendnumber1 and his buds checking out a #Maclaren - they're "car kids" #motorclassica2018 #motorheads - it's a car thing 🤷‍♀️. Vroommmmm

#trunk #texture for my eyes

#water #fountain sensory garden

#genderequality to #endVAW #metoo #Australia #dv are you awake yet.

This week is #mentalhealthweek.

This is my son, who I very often refer to as #bestfriendnumber1

me? I suffer from #complexptsd #ptsd every single minute of every single day. PTSD is rotten, debilitating & silent. It is also incredibly deadly. Those of us with Complex PTSD must navigate our own path, to find how we can best & most simply, survive life. PTSD is chronic pain, a chronic illness. It is in every day life & impacts every dream.

My PTSD is an affect of multiple rapes, being stalked relentlessly, bullied & silenced.

I found my path for survival. My path lobbies & advocates #genderequality with every tool i have access to. Gender equality is the target we must reach to #endVAW #ENDMVAWC

My path, also educates my son on the world, cultures, diversity, respect, to stand up to bullies & to be kind, to himself & everyone else.

And always, allow him to speak.
Because silence is never as deafening or suffocating as the silence, that is your own.

My path, I never stop learning.
My path is filled with laughter, music, family and friends.

My path has yoga & meditation.
My path kicks my own arse exercising.

My path has music & art & shows on Netflix.

My PTSD path is my life.

I survive for me.
I #survive for him.

#believesurvivors #livin

A level of comfort one could only aspire to dream of... #dogsofinstagram #australiansilkyterrier

#lucyintheskywithdiamonds #sunday or, triangles, as it may be. #victoria #australia

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