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Madeline Klyczek  Born to be mild 🗿 Mostly selfies and art history info here!🏺🎨💖

New cat in laws. 🐱🐱 #bundlesofjoy #bundlesoffur

Officially ready for summer and hanging with friends who chastise me. @crocodile_silver @jiminy_spricket

Wear your grandma's clothes 👵🏼

Let's take a second to talk about the dodo bird replica in the Field Museum's Hall of Birds. You walk in and see all these beautiful, colorful real feathers… And then there's this guy who looks more akin to a lawn ornament. What's his deal?
This species is widely excepted to have gone extinct between 1638-1662. There are a few reported sightings after that time and 1700, but for one reason or another, scholars do not commonly recognize them as fact. The dodo bird is thought to be descended from the prehistoric ancestor of the pigeon, these birds were only found on the island of Mauritius (located near Madagascar). The dodo had no predators in its natural habitat, and were dubbed "fearless" or stupid by the Dutch sailors who discovered them on their trading route. These hungry men recorded in their diary that dodo meat wasn't even pleasing to the taste, they were just so easy to catch. The dodo bird was extinct practically within a century of it's discovery. Today, we only have a dissected head and foot from the actual specimen along with a few recently discovered skeletons. #arthistory #history #dodobirds #zoology #thefieldmuseum #europeanhistory

Happy birthday to the beautiful, kind mother of mine! I literally wouldn't be here without her, all the love and nurturing is just a huge bonus...but the laughs are mandatory.

Busy being a puffball but ya hear some one coming up to stairs.... #catsofinstagram

Spotlight on one of my personal favorite artists ever, Remedios Varo. The Mexican surrealist painter's physical beauty (not that it's what's important) was only matched the dreamlike wonder in her works. Creation of the Birds, 1958. #cincodemayo #arthistory #mexicanart

Current mood as I begin my final papers....that are due tomorrow.... #arthistory #greekstatue

My "Stone-Faced Stereotypes: Gender Appropriation in Bernini's Portrait Bust" was so much fun to present and well received! 👍🏼 Basically the argument was based around two gender-oriented stock types, but a few so contradict his standards. Instead boring you guys with all the information, I'll focus on the bust of Costanza Piccolomini. She was the wife of Matteo Bonarelli, an assistant to Bernini(who surprisingly continued to work for the artist until his death), and his beloved mistress! She preferred her maiden name, has she came from an old papal family. This was the only portrait bust Bernini made for himself, and was not meant for public display. Where most female bust were extremely respectable, Costanza's usually interpreted as a "lusty commoner". Her less elevated status allowed her to be portrayed with loose hair and causal, gauzy clothes. She actually displays the "speaking likeness" displayed in his religious busts. Her intensity translates Bernini's obsession with her, the portrait almost is more representative of his temperament than hers. Bernini began to her rumors that Costanza was sleeping with his brother, Luigi. He spied on her one morning and his suspicions were confirmed, so naturally he sent a servant later that day to disfigure her face with a razor blade...... #arthistory #italianart #baroque #baroqueart #bernini #portrait #portraitbust

Casually showing off my #williammorris bag. #arthistory #nerdgirl

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