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Madeline Klyczek  Born to be mild 🗿 Mostly selfies and art history info here!🏺🎨💖

Maddie ❤️'S hefeweizen.

Favorite display from today. I like that this is how I study now. ☠️ #miniature #arthistory #art

Sunshine on a cloudy day 🌼🌫

An early South American (Mayan, I believe) and more recent depiction of me wondering why I procrastinate so much. #arthistorymeme #arthistory #southamericanart #collegeproblems

Throwback to art school kids goofing around on a beautiful day. Did you know Forest Park in St. Louis is larger than Central Park? I woulda never guessed.
🌳🌲🍃✨🌞🌼 #statuetwinning

🍀Bout to play basketball against an evil leprechaun. #getmyreference #luckoftheirish #imstillwearingolivegreenthanks

A portrait of Petrus Gonsalvus and his wife, Catherine. They are consider to be the inspiration for Beauty and the Beast!! Petrus was a Spanish born boy who suffered from Hypertrichosis (aka werewolf syndrome) and was given to Henri II of France as gift. Henri decided to give the boy a very good education, showing that he could educate a 'wild man'. His wife was considered a great beauty at the French court, and was forced into their marriage by Queen Catherine de' Medici. She eventually came to love her husband, and they produced seven children. Four of whom inherited their father's genetic disorder, they were sadly gifted to other European monarchs and separated from their parents. #Beautyandthebeast #history #arthistory #frenchhistory #france #soexcitedforthismovietonight #disney

My favorite smiley baby turned one yesterday and I miss him terribly. 😭❤️👼🏼

🌬The Windy City did my hair dirty.

The coming of a "King of Pop" was foretold in Ancient Egyptian prophecies... #mj #arthistory #egyptian

Colorless diamond necklace from the Field Museum's Hall of Gems. #arthistory #jewelry #dazzle

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