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Here it is, Maddie Baillio's portrait. Happy birthday Maddie, hope you like this gift that I have for you. Thanks for give us your bright and kindness, full of happiness everyday. I hope to meet you some day, to know more about you and all your magic world that its around you. Enjoy your day beauty, love you ❀ @maddiebaillio

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!! today is already your birthday in Spain, little bean, and I want you to know how important you are for all of us, the people who love you. You bring us your talent, your bright, your positivity, your kindness, happiness, strength and your pureness. You shine in every little detail that you make, even from one simply smile, to some tweet giving support to someone. Thanks for bring all of this to the world, we all need a little bit more of Maddie in our lifes. Love you ❀ @maddiebaillio

Couple Goals: Someone with who can share all the broadway musicals 😍 #reshaddie @maddiebaillio @res3an

She is beautiful, that's obviously. But her soul is even more beautiful, and that's what makes her shine. Maddie your nature is the most beautiful thing on you and that's something that not many people has. Never change that. ❀

YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEAT!! Friends and I doing the coreo from the Hairspray Live! (I am the one who plays tracy πŸ˜‹) @maddiebaillio @garrettclayton1 @arianagrande @dovecameron @hairspraylivenbc

OH MY GOSH. SAID IT, GREATEST DAY EVER. Thank you so much Maddie, you are the best and you will shine on Broadway. ❀

Can't stop listening the soundtrack! One of my fav songs @maddiebaillio #GoodMorningBaltimore

Good morning Baaaaaltimoooore! 🎀🎢🎢🎀😍

Lovely 😍 @maddiebaillio

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