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let me tell you about my best friends! 🐶🐶💙💛

love of my life! happy valentine's day 😍 so lucky to be squeezed by your buff arms every night 💪🏼

when your fiancé's diet consists of an abnormal amount of nuts you get cute jars to store them!

right after i said YES. i can't wait to be your wife. i love you forever! merry christmas! 🎄💍😍💏

hubba bubba 😍 proud is an understatement! congrats on an amazing year babe! this is just the beginning! your hard work and determination inspire me everyday! now time to vacation with some well deserved cinnamon roll waffles! love you so stinken much. 💛💛💛

she just makes my heart burst! thanks for the goodluck message on my first day of work! 💛

having the best time with my best friend! 🌺💕🌴

oh boy am i thankful for this guy! thanks for loving me unconditionally and making a really good turkey.💛🦃😍

well that was fun! 💛💜

cheeeeeeeeese! 😁💛

i throw... he runs... and then we do it all over again! 🎾🐶🌊

What have I gotten myself into