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Madeleine Leander  PhD in mathematics🎮Gamer🏋Workout nerd. 🏆 Swedish Street Workout champion -15, -16, -17. 🏆 Starcraft 2 female world champion -13. maddelisk@gmail

Some handstand balance work at my favorite spot! When recording this video I really surpriced myself. Without expecting it I managed to enter the T position! I've been working on improving my flexibility and mobility a lot over the past (5?) years. The progress has been slow but steady. And I keep improving! #LoveProgress #ItsNeverTooLateToGetFlexible #brucepass

I don't do a lot of (dynamic) street workout training anymore. But every now and then I like to try the things I used to be able to do, just so that I don't forget :). At the moment I'm much more into gymnastics strength training, lifting weights, climbing, yoga, SUP,... And especially handstands! There are just too many active things I like to do :). #notenoughtime #lyxproblem @tyngre #tyngre #mybiggestproblem #loveworkingout #streetworkout #calisthenics #muscleup #backlever

The world if full of things made to make our lifes easier. As a consequence, the same things make our bodies less mobile and less playfull. They make us move less. In every park you see benches made to sit on, in many buildings elevators are more visible than stairs and we use cars for short distances where we could just walk or ride a bike. But it is a choice, we can choose to think of a bench as a handstand place, take the stairs and ride a bike. If we want to that is. I prefer to see the world as a playground and I like movement, so I do handstands everywhere, I don't take the elevator and I ride my bike to work every day. What about you?
#moremovementtothepeople #benchhandstand 📸 @superrobbis

Such a cute little squirrel. He kept asking for food so I gave him a hazelnut, upside down style 🤸‍♀️. #tallefjant #ekorre #handstand #handstands #yoga #calisthenics #streetworkout #tyngre #brucepass

It's Monday! Have a great week you all! 📸 @superrobbis

Handstand on a SUP! It was a great challenge for sure. It's not called a (hand)stand-up paddleboard for nothing! Today I took my handstand workout to @stockholm.sup together with @enoughisenaffah 🧘‍♀️🤸‍♀️👍🙃. Now I want to buy a SUP, haha. Will try it some more first though. Such a fun thing. Have you tried it?
And thank you thank you thank you for including places like this in the membership!

I'm trying to figure out what fun stuff I can use my yoga wheel for. Any suggestions? This handstand press was much harder than expected, was a bit tricky to balance on the slim wheel.
#handstand #handstands #yogawheel #yoga #tryingnewthings #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #tyngre @tyngre #summerworkout #presstohandstand #brucechallenge

Ninja pull-ups challenge! Have you tried this variation of pull-ups? Was a fun challenge! Thank you @fanny_josefine for challenging me to try these! --//--//--//--//--//--//--//-//--//--//--//--//--// #ninjapullupchallenge #vacationpullups #imwithbruce #challenge #tyngre #calisthenics

Good morning 😀🙃🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️. 📸 @superrobbis

Morning practice at my favorite morning yoga place! I really like to play with patterns and put different exercises together. It's fun and challenging! #vacationyoga #morningyoga #handstand #playingwithpatterns #tyngre #summerday

Some obligatory summer vacation muscle-ups! And I reminded myself of why I don't train with my hair out... how others can stand it is beyond me.

It's too warm. I need more vitamin SEA.

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