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PNW Vegan 🌿 Cats 🐱 Comics ⚡️  Vegan & Gluten-Free ME: Student•Chef•Media•Esthetician Food CATS Tattoos Art Vintage Horror & Comics [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Our first dance 🎶 I'm Your Man - Leonard Coen ❤ Someone snuck a photo last night of my love and I and it's wonderful.✨ Yesterday was absolutely perfect! I married my best friend and celebrated with my closest ones. Can't wait to share photos after our honeymoon!💕💐 #EquinoxBinding

In two days we celebrate forever.❤✨ Photography: @henry.vance & @genuineporcelain
Hair & MUA: @kreitzmannartistry

White Chocolate Mocha and a Buddha Melt from @701coffee ALL Vegan with awesome GF options! ✨ Healthy delicious food to-go when you're a very busy bee!🐝⚡ #701Coffee

This place is a GEM! We bought our first Polaroid camera (I believe from the 70s) at Rare Medium for our Honeymoon for all the the extra special photos! We also brought in some old Polaroids my grandmother gave me which one can be fixed up good as new! So thankful for our pal @henry.vance for recommending this beautiful shop to us! Support local businesses, buy used and repair old items whenever possible.💖✨ #RareMedium #BeforeInstagram

Really, of all days?❣️

1 week till our honeymoon!!!❤🔥✨ #EquinoxBinding
Photography: @henry.vance & @genuineporcelain
MUA & Hair: @kreitzmannartistry

When you're having all the worst cramps and feel awkward all over BUT THEN your guy brings you a coffee!☕️Damnit he's the BEES KNEES! 🐝 #MilsteadCoffee

Gosh, he is so dreamy! Next week is the BIG DAY!💝💏✨ #NoseKisses & #EquinoxBinding
Photography📷: @henry.vance & @genuineporcelain
MUA & Hair💁🏻: @kreitzmannartistry

This has been a VERY dry cold winter and these are my skin saviors right now! Cruelty-Free, healing & VEGAN! Thank you @ohaskincare (local!) and @aesopskincare (shop in Fremont!) I also pour some Vitamin E oil in my bath then a few drops of Patchouli Essential Oil for relaxation and incredibly soft skin!💐🌿 #VeganSkincare

Saw my DREAM Vanity today at the @seattleimmersive moving sale! (Check them out!!📽) Such a gorgeous piece from their Romeo & Juliet play!🌹✨ #VintageVanity

Birthday brunch babe day for my lovely girlfriend Liz!⚡Love you kitten!🐱👸🏻👯💝 #NoBonesBeachClub

Girl POWER! My lady delivered invitations to family with me all day so now we FEAST!👯 Bhan Mi Salad and the new @beyondmeat Burger (of course we both have fries and ranch!) at @veggiegrill 💚 #VeggieGrill

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