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Madalyn Beck  Fall in love with your madness. He is my refuge and strength. New book: The Last I Love You AVAILABLE NOW Personal: @beyondbeck

You never have to carry them,
the worries and doubts,
failures and falls,
frustrations and fears,
heartaches and tears.

Let the burdens drift off your back
as you fly toward tomorrow’s
and better sunrises,
for they are sure to come,
and you are sure to survive.


I’ve learned to speak soft words from a gentle tongue, for she is more capable of cutting open hearts than any knife. I’ve watched many bleed at my feet, pools of sorrow drowning out any apology. I’ve tasted their anguish as a bitter slap that will echo for ages. I know how to kill without even ripping their skin. There’s a monster in me. There’s a devil within. #poem #poet #prose #writer #quote #qotd #quoteoftheday #words #wordporn #wordswithqueens #instaquote #thoughts #feelings #spilledink #spilledwords #spilledthoughts #besoft #begentle #madalynbeck

You've brought me closer to heaven with just a glimpse of your presence, and I'm more than happy to wait year for your return. Just knowing you're out there wakes me up in here, and my heart doesn't feel so alone anymore. #madalynbeck

They don’t understand the person you’ve become, how life has changed your skin to be more than color, more than gender, more than what you started out in. They don’t see how you’ve come to accept that in this life you have to fight to earn your next breath. They don’t believe that you can be anything that you dream. And they shun you, disgrace you, and make you feel like you’re less than any worth. Just know that while you might not be special to the rest of the world, you are a treasure to me. #madalynbeck

It has taken years for me to fall in love with my darkest parts. To submerge in the evils of my heart. But I’ve wrapped them around my needy skin. I’ve become part human, part ink, and part of the devils within. And I’ve never felt more alive, more whole, more who I really am. #madalynbeck

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