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Madalin Giorgetta  🇦🇺 Personal Trainer 💓 Team @ryderwear + Team @tropeaka 🏋🏼‍♀️ @workitwithmg APP 👙@mimikinis SIGN UP TO BE THE FIRST TO SHOP THE NEW COLLECTION 👇🏼

Cya California you’ve been a dream 💓 travelling to New York tomorrow and I can’t wait for the next part of our journey! I’ve been wearing the @ryderwear Seamless collection on so many of my walks and hikes here, and love how comfy it is, sweat resistant and breathable. I hope you managed to grab something cute in the Easter sale 🐰
The #WorkIt12wc starts tomorrow (or today if you’re in Australia 🇦🇺), woop woop!
Which Work It with MG program are you doing the Challenge with? 🧐 I get a LOAD of questions about this, so just wanted to explain a little as I know it can be a bit of information overload 😅
There are 3 different Work It training programs in the App and 1 in the eBooks. These are:
🔥 Blast & Burn (App and eBooks): This program is tailored towards total body energy expenditure in every session so that you can get your heart rate up and put your body into the fat burning zone.
💪🏼 Shape & Tone (App only): This program is designed to build upon lean muscle mass to strengthen your shape and fitness levels.
🏋🏼‍♀️ Lean & Strong (App only): This program is designed to increase total body strength and muscle mass by focusing on the compound movements and major muscle groups. 
I’m just about to complete the Lean & Strong program and I’m excited to start a new program for the #WorkIt12wc – I’m going to do Shape & Tone because I want to maintain the muscle and strength I’ve gained from doing the Lean & Strong program 🏋🏼‍♀️ I’m so excited to start a new program, let’s do dis! 👊🏼
Comment below with which Work It program you will be doing for the #WorkIt12wc 💓

@mimikinis releasing SO soon 💓 What’s your fav? I am loving the Rosie and Gia in Mint Gingham (second slide) 👉🏼 I’m obsessed with this collection and know you bebes will love it as much as me 💗 Make sure you sign up to the Mimi Kini newsletter to be the first to shop the collection - link in bio. I’ll also have a YT video going live this week to take you through all the new styles and prints 💫 @mimikinis

It me again 😂 can I keep posting nature pics please? So obsessed with all the beautiful parks and hikes here, this country is beautiful 🇺🇸 Can I come live here?! Already researching green cards haha. Loving California so much, but excited for Monday because I’ll be in New York yay!!! Anddddd I’m restarting with you to do the #WorkIt12wc on Monday! I know that having us all do this together will make it so much easier for each of us to achieve our goals 💫
I believe that the best way to reach our health and fitness goals is to turn exercise into a habit – something you do with the same regularity and consistency as brushing your teeth! Did you know that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit and can take as long as 9 months? 🤓 My goal is to turn working out into a habit - I want to workout 5 times per week every week. I’ve been doing this for the past 4 months, but now with travelling to a new city every few weeks, I want to make sure I continue to do this 🤗 I have so much more energy when I workout - I wake up at 6am every morning without an alarm and feel ready to smash it! 
Here’s my top 4 tips for turning exercise into a habit:
1️⃣ Change your motivation for exercising from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to feel good and be healthy”. I find that when you workout for purely physical reasons it’s very difficult to maintain the consistency, because you are simply only focusing on what is “bad” about your body, and it’s puts you into a negative headspace. Once I switched from “I want to grow my butt” to “I just want to feel good and be strong” I found it so much easier to maintain consistency.
2️⃣ Make time to exercise. We all struggle to make time for this, but once you make exercise a priority in your life and a non-negotiable, you will make it count. 
3️⃣ Do workouts you enjoy. Hate burpees? Don’t do them? Love dance class instead? Do that. Do whatever makes you feel good and lights a little fire in your soul 
4️⃣ Be consistent with your workouts. This is SO important. I’m not always motivated, but if you can be consistent, you will keep at it.
Come join me on Monday! Link in bio🤗

Guys! I had to jump in quickly from my lil mountain escape in Yosemite 🏔 to let you know about the @ryderwear Easter sale! 🐣
Here’s what you need to know:
🐰 Up to 80% off 🐰 Use my code MG10 for an extra 10% off
🐰 Free hat w/ orders over $150
🐰 Free hat + gym bag w/ orders over $250
🐰 4 days only
What are you waiting for?! Hop to it and grab yourself some bargains! 🥳
My favs are the Seamless Leggings, grab the Blue and Wine and also the Seamless Shorts + Crop in Coral that I wore to my #workit event in LA, so cute! I wear a size XS and would recommend sizing down in the new Seamless colours as they are super stretchy 💓 Now, I’m off to make my very first S’mores by the fire 😋 SO EXCITED!

Super excited to announce to you guys that I have partnered up with Australian supplement company Tropeaka 🥳 I have been trialing @tropeaka‘s products for a few months and I love them 🥰 I haven’t worked with a supplement company in so long because I wanted to work with a company that I could totally get behind, and believe in 💓 I love everything that Tropeaka represents and I’m so excited to share some of my fav products with you 🤗 I’ve made the switch to their plant based protein as I have been wanting to get off whey protein for a long time. Not only is plant based protein friendly to our animal friends, but I also find it’s better for me not to be consuming as much dairy 🥛 We can all do our bit to cut back, and although I’m not vegan, it helps to make small choices every day, it all makes a difference! I hope you guys love Tropeaka as much as I do and if you want to try it, you can use my code MADALIN15 for 15% off 💗 Enjoy babes!

Haha, watch the last workout and see me die 💀 This is why I don’t do plyometric exercises, I suck at them 😂
I do think it’s really important to set goals in all areas of our lives, including health and fitness (maybe I should make gettimg better at jumping lunges a goal?) 🧐😂 Goals give us focus on how to spend your time and energy to accomplish what you want in life 💫
Remember that the #WorkIt12WC is all about what you GAIN from doing Work It with MG over the next 11 weeks - so losing weight shouldn’t be your main goal in joining the challenge. In fact, I believe that it’s time to decouple exercise from weight loss - it minimizes its many significant health benefits ✅
Instead, I’d encourage you to shift your focus to how you FEEL from working out - such as energized, or that sense of accomplishment you get after you finish a tough workout 🏋🏼‍♀️🥰 This is what I want to gain from the #WorkIt12WC:
✅ Strength
✅ Gym confidence
✅ Consistency 
Comment below with your goals - what do you want to GAIN from the #WorkIt12WC? Remember, if you can’t afford to take part, you can always follow along using the workouts on my page. I post 3x home workouts a week that require 0 equipment and only a little bit of space 🤗
1️⃣ Split Squat to Cross Crunch x12
2️⃣ Bulgarian 5 Pulse SS x5 each leg (DIE!)
3️⃣ Dip + Leg Lift x10
4️⃣ Stair toe taps (50) + Jumping Lunges x5 each leg ⏰ Complete 5 sets, so go from 1️⃣-4️⃣ and then rest for 15 seconds and repeat until you’re finished with all sets 😅
Wearing all Seamless @ryderwear in Puprle Marl 💜 MG 10 for 10% off

👯‍♀️ Have you joined the Work It Challenge yet? We all start together next Monday! 💓
The Work It 12 Week Challenge (#WorkIt12WC) is all about what we GAIN from doing Work It with MG.
I’ve been gaining gym confidence by working out in different gyms - I even felt confident enough to take a few sneaky pics at my sister’s local gym in San Francisco 😏
I was getting dat glute pump from my workout, and feeling cute in my new @ryderwear Seamless leggings. This legging colour in Wine is my fav, not only because it remind me of wine 🍷 yum but because they be so cute!
I’ve seen so many #WorkItWomen gain confidence, self-acceptance and strength from doing my training programs and you can, too! I was getting confident and comfortable at my old gym, but have been forced out of my comfy little Goodlife, into the gyms of America 🇺🇸 and it’s been good for me! You guys know I get anxious going to different gyms, and I often find it difficult getting a good workout in because I’m often anxious about where everything is or I’m annoyed because I spend half the time figuring out how to use a specific type of leg extension machine 😤 Because of this, I never even used to workout on holiday, it was too stressful for me. But now that this is my reality, I’ve got to learn to be more patient and slowly get used to that anxiety. So far, so good! I’ve been smashing it every week and I’m super proud 😊
I will be restarting my App next Monday, and I’d love you to join me!
All #WorkIt12WC participants will receive a Progress Tracker to track progress towards those GAINS over the next 12 weeks. The Progress Tracker will help you measure your progress through changes in your body, form/technique, strength and just feeling better/happier 🥳
Comment below if you’re joining the #WorkIt12WC or tag a friend who might want to join you 👯‍♀️

Who is keen for a 12 Week @workitwithmg Challenge? 👀🏋🏼‍♀️😅
Now that we have both the Work It with MG App and the Work It with MG eBooks 🥳 I’m launching my VERY FIRST Work It with MG Challenge! 🎉 
The Work It Challenge is all about what you GAIN from doing Work It with MG 💓
The challenge starts on Monday, April 22 and will run for 12 weeks, so you have a week to get organised and prep 🤓
Want to join our #workitwomen? Here’s how:
🏋🏼‍♀️ If you’re already using the App: keep going with your current program or re-start!
🔑 Subscribe to the App: We’ve added a special option for you to make a one-time, upfront payment of $50 for 12 weeks’ access to the App (no trial period included)
💵 Purchase the Work It with MG eBook for Home or Gym
Easy Peasy! 🤗
I’m so excited to have you join me to gain strength, confidence and so much more. Let’s all #WorkIt together! 👯‍♀️

🏡 COFFEE TABLE GLUTE WORKOUT 🏡 and yup, my Glute Pumpers are back in my @workitwithmg Training Guides and coming soon to the App 🍑😏
So happy you guys are loving my Training Guides!!! Link is in my bio if you want to have a lil peep 👀 and remember to sign up to my newsletter, today is the last day for the discount only available to my email subs 🤗
Posting my 2nd workout on my trip! I had originally planned on bringing my dumbbells with me, but they got sacrificed for my halo light which I have no idea how I managed to pack into my suitcase 😅 I’ll be sharing a bunch of bodyweight home workouts for you to do, no equipment needed whatsoever! I’m sure I’ll have people commenting asking me, “wHeRE ArE uR wEIgHtS?” so just FYI they’re back home in Perth, thanks for asking.
Now, onto the workout! 
I love this one because it’s still a BIG burner, even though there’s no weights! You just have to make sure you make a few extra additions when using only your bodyweight:
1️⃣ Increase your reps. Not 6-8 reps here. Aim for a minimum of 15 reps per exercise. 
2️⃣ Add in pauses and pulses to increase that burn factor! Try a 5 second pause at the bottom of a split squat, your quads will be screaming! 
3️⃣ Keep rest times to a minimum. Note the 15 second rest time between sets! 
4️⃣ Slow down your tempo and do the exercises s-l-o-w-l-y. You could try going slow on the eccentric (lowering) for your squat. Try counting down to 4. 
5️⃣ Concentrate on achieving full ROM (range of motion). For example, bringing your knee close to the ground when you lunge.  Now, seriously onto the workout!
1️⃣ Single Leg 5x Pulse Hip Thrust x15 each leg 
2️⃣ Eat 10x M&Ms
💡 Pro Tip: You gotta eat to grow that booty, and also, peanut butter M&Ms are delicious and we need them in Australia!
3️⃣ Extended Fire Hydrant to Extended Kickback x20
4️⃣ Bent Leg Hypers (use pillow) x20
5️⃣ Elevated Single Leg 5xPulse Glute Bridge x15
⏰ Complete 5 sets, so go from 1️⃣-5️⃣ and then rest for 15 seconds and repeat until you’re finished with all sets 😅
💙Wearing all @ryderwear Seamless Collection in Blue Marl MG10 for 10% off 💵

The Work It with MG eBooks are HERE 🎉 I love using my App but I know some of you prefer an eBook format, so this is for you!
Babes who have signed up to my newsletter, your discount code is in your inbox 💌
My Home & Gym eBooks deliver you a 12 Week Full Body Training Program direct from my Work It with MG App to torch fat and build lean muscle tone no matter your training level 🏋🏼‍♀️ My App launched earlier this year, and our #WorkItWomen have already seen the most amazing results from this new training programming. I have been doing this program for the past 9 weeks - I’m so much stronger and feeling more energized and motivated to get my butt to the gym every day! One of my goals for 2019 was to get stronger, and I already feel like I am achieving this!
There’s SO much juicy goodness (like, seriously! you haven’t seen an eBook THIS good, I’m so proud!) in my Work It with MG eBooks including:
1️⃣ 12 Week Training Schedule for Workouts 3, 4 or 5x per week 
2️⃣ Instructional Workout Videos with Audio Cues
3️⃣ Photos and Written Instructional Cues
4️⃣ Warm Up and Cool Down Guides
5️⃣ Glute Pumper Workouts
6️⃣ FAQs for Workouts, Cardio and Rest Days
7️⃣ Progressive Overload Tracker for you to download, save + use
8️⃣ Access to a Private Facebook Group for 24/7 support
Click the link in my bio to get your hands on one and join our community of #WorkItWomen!

📚Guys.... my new Work It With MG Training Guides are coming out SO soon! Are you ready?! 🥳 Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to get first access and an exclusive discount, link in my bio 👆🏼 We’re releasing Home and Gym Training Guides for you, so you can achieve great results anywhere! 🌎
Now, who wants a workout?!
Abs are probably my fav to train at home, because you can always get a great ab burn without dumbbells, bodyweight is enough as long as exercise selection is tough 🔥Remember abs are built in the kitchen, it’s always through a calorie deficit. You can do as many squats, crunches, mountain climbers etc but if you’re not in a calorie deficit your abbies will be hidden. Build a strong core with this workout, my abs still hurt today!😅 and PS do you like my new workout location? I’ll be moving around most weeks so get used to seeing a lot of different lounge rooms!
1️⃣ Single-Leg Plank + Lift 10x each side
2️⃣ Single Leg Tap x8 to Double Tap x10
3️⃣ Crescent Circle x10 
4️⃣ Bird Dog Crunch x12 each leg
⏰ Complete 5 sets, so go from 1️⃣-4️⃣ and then rest for 15 seconds and repeat until you’re finished with all sets 😅

You asked and I listened - you told me how much you loved the format of my original Body by MG #BBMG eBooks 📚...
You guys know I have developed a new, improved training methodology for my Work It with MG App📱so I wanted to bring you a taste of my App in eBook format! 📖
The Work It with MG eBook will deliver you a 12 Week Full Body Training Program direct from my App 🏋🏼‍♀️ This program is designed to torch fat and build lean muscle tone no matter your training level. AND… there will be a Gym eBook and a Home eBook 🤗 because I want you to be able to use this guide anywhere!
📚 The Work It with MG eBooks are launching SO soon, sign up to my newsletter (link in bio) to find out when they launch and score yourself a lil celebratory discount, woop woop! 🥳
If you have any questions, comment below!

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