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MAD  Stencil artist from Tabriz - Iran

Fall of man (In another prospective)

I shop therefore I am!
Stencil on 23 x 18 cm shopping bag.

Shephernaut (چوپانورد)
On 50 x 70 cm canvas (For Sale)

یکی از کارهای قدیمی که وصف حال این روزهای ما است. Lessons of life on 50 x 70 cm canvas (2012)

Shephernaut (چوپانورد) - Istanbul 2018

Imagine what would happen if shepherds were astronauts or astronauts were shepherds? Or what would happen if shepherds came from an other planet? Imagine how these two mysterious jobs can mix together?! تصور کن چی میشد اگر چوپانها فضانورد بودند و یا برعکس فضانوردان چوپان بودند؟ یا چی میشد اگر چوپانها از یک سیاره دیگر آمده بودند؟ تصور کن چطوری این دو شغل مرموز می تونند با هم ترکیب شوند؟

I forgot what I'm protesting!
On traffic sign (For Sale).

Love Quote - 2018

I shop therefore I am !!

March 2018 (Istanbul - Turkey)
Video by: @vicktordavydov

Is there?

Cheers Babe!! First work of 2018 stayed on the wall just 8 hours. (Istanbul - Turkey)

New video of my recent work in (Istanbul - Turkey). Video by: @vicktordavydov

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